Círculo Dorado Defusal Practice: “Just Say No to ‘Operation Rothbard’ (⇌)!”

Círculo Dorado = Metaphysical Mines
Contemporary Events = Metaphysical Minefield

What the Jungfrau encountered at Barry Goldwater’s Goldwasser Department Store:

Typus of Young Carl + Typus of Young Rudolf → Figure of Pan-Germanic Socialism
Young Carl ⇌ Typus of Carl Gustav Jung
Young Rudolf ⇌ Typus of Rudolf Jung

Evaluating the Jungfrau’s handiwork with the DHFL, here is what he has to show for:

Typus of Young Carl (NZ) + Typus of Young Rudolf (JS) → “Jewish National Socialism”
NZ + JS ← “Jewish National Socialism”
NZ = Nietzschean Zionism
JS = Jewish Socialism

Murray Newton Barbarossa [aka “Murray Rothbard”] (⇌): The secret to realizing “Anarcho-Capitalism” is to create a Vehmgericht (Extrajudicial Court of Contract Killers) offering Black Markets in illegal weapons, safehouses, vehicles, secret slush funds, stolen technical patents, and other dangerous devices for achieving Kleinstaaterei (Political Fragmentation) forewarned by Rudolf Jung himself. The surname “Rothbard” is a German variation of the name “Barbarossa,” as in “Operation Barbarossa.” An “Anarcho-Capitalist Society” bears too much resemblance to Swiss-German Hitlerist and terrorist financier François Genoud, who was once investigated by the Bush 43 Administration in connection to 9/11.
“As a teenager in the fall of 1932, François Genoud (⇌) briefly met the man who was to shape the rest of his life. In a hotel in Bad Godesberg, near Bonn, the young Genoud encountered Adolf Hitler. He told Hitler of his great interest in International Socialism (⇌) [Read: ‘Marxism-Lutheranism’], and Hitler shook his hand. Genoud’s parents–his father was a wealthy wallpaper manufacturer–had sent him from Lausanne to study in Germany at 16 to learn discipline. He found Hitler’s writings “very relevant,” he said years later. Sixty years after that single meeting, Genoud told a London newspaper, “My views have not changed since I was a young man. Hitler was a great leader, and if he had won the War the world would be a better place today.”

Evil comes from a failure to think. It defies thought for as soon as thought tries to engage itself with evil and examine the premises and principles from which it originates, it is frustrated because it finds nothing there. That is the Banality of Evil.”

“The trouble with [François Genoud] was precisely that so many were like him, and that the many were neither perverted nor sadistic, that they were, and still are, terribly and terrifyingly normal. From the viewpoint of our legal institutions and of our moral standards of judgment, this normality was much more terrifying than all the atrocities put together.”

-Hannah Arendt, Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil, ca. 1963
Just Say No to International Socialism: “This is YOUR BRAIN…YOUR BRAIN on Hitlerism as a Marxist-Lutheran worshipping that International Socialist, Adolf Hitler!”
Just Say No to International Socialism OR this will be YOU, the Marxist-Lutheran Soyboy (⇌) being escorted from YOUR SAFE SPACE AT STALINGRAD (⇌) by this fine National Socialist gentleman with the PPSh-41!
Yes, Marxism-Lutheranism is truly an Antisemitic ideology, otherwise Mikhail Gorbachev (⇌) would have been more open to the Authentic Dasein of Vladimir Lenin (⇌) when he also implemented Glasnost (⇌)!

[This] Religion of Hate cannot very well act otherwise. [National] Socialism and [Marxism-Lutheranism] are, after all, simply incompatible, because the former is the highest Altruism, while the latter is the most flagrant Egotism. [Any] Socialism built upon [Marxism-Lutheranism will perish in the Perestroika of the next Mikhail Gorbachev]!

-Rudolf Jung, Der nationale Sozialismus (2nd Ed.), ca. 1921-1922
“The Americans have lost the peace, the Cold War (⇌), and their entire future, but they are not as yet aware of it.

“We must not let ourselves become befogged by the Democratic-Republican Party’s stupid and meaningless slogans about the ‘Struggle of Capitalism versus Communism’ (⇌). Thomas Jefferson does not deserve the sacrifice of the bones of even a single German soldier. In the age of regimented and militarized economy, the babbling [about] so-called ‘free enterprise’ is such nonsense that we need not squander a single moment in refuting this Jeffersonian propaganda swindle.”

“To stimulate the moribund economy demanded the nerve, which Hitler had, to invest money that the government didn’t yet have, rather than passively waiting — in accordance with ‘sound’ financial principles — for the economy to revive by itself.
Today, our whole era is dying economically because we have succumbed to fearful hesitation. Enrichment follows investment, not the other way around. Since Hitler, only Ronald Reagan (⇌) has seemed to understand this. As President, he realized that to restore prosperity in the United States meant boldly stimulating the economy with credits and a drastic reduction in taxes, instead of waiting for the country to emerge from economic stagnation on its own.

-Léon Degrelle (⇌), How Hitler Consolidated Power in Germany and Launched a Social Revolution, ca. 1992

“At this stage, Supercapitalism is inspired and justified by this Utopia: the Utopia of Unlimited Consumption. Supercapitalism’s ideal is the standardization of the human race from the cradle to the grave. It wants all babies to be born exactly the same length so that the cradles can be standardized and all children persuaded to like the same toys. It wants all men to don the very same uniform, to read the same book, to have the same tastes in films, and to desire the same so-called Labor-saving devices. This is not the result of caprice. It inheres in the logic of events, for only thus can Supercapitalism make its plans.”

-Benito Mussolini, Four Speeches on the Corporate State, ca. 1935

“By 1939 the National Debt (⇌) had reached 37.4 billion Reichsmarks. The reemployment of millions of jobless and the rearmament of German military forces had been financed by borrowing gigantic sums of money. Even Josef Goebbels, who otherwise mocked the government’s financial experts as narrow-minded misers, expressed concern in his diary about the exploding deficit.

-Götz Aly, Describing the German Sovereign Debt Crisis, ca. 1947

Germanic legend professed that [Gold-as-Kapital] is laden with a curse; murder and violent acts of all kind are bound to it; streams of blood have flowed on its account across every age, from antiquity to the present day, and yet – we have not illuminated its nature any more deeply than did our ancestors, and today we are still as wise as we ever were.

[There are] [t]wo things [which] are interlinked with [the Gold Standard] in such a way that they virtually constitute its essence [as the Bretton Woods System]: the belief in its ‘Intrinsic Value’ and the ‘Interest’ that it extorts.”

-Rudolf Jung, Der nationale Sozialismus (2nd Ed.), ca. 1921-1922
This is YOUR BRAIN on Supply-Side Economics!: Der Chef (The Don), Heinrich Himmler (⇌), sent his “Loan Sharks” from the “Black Hunters of SS-Sturmbrigade Dirlewanger” for the Gold that YOU BORROWED from the SS to satiate YOUR Alcoholism!. It seems YOU drank one too many SHOTS of Barry Goldwater’s Goldwasser Alchemy Reserve and now Chef Himmler wants YOU to pay back the Gold that YOU BORROWED with Interest! If you know what’s good, YOU wouldn’t let the SS waterboard YOUR LOVED ONES with Gasoline before incinerating them!
Social Democracy = Welfare Capitalism + Workfare Socialism
Figure of Social-Democracy → Young Shlomo® + Young de Cayenes®
Typus of Milton Friedman ⇌ Young Millard Landau Shlomo®
Typus of John Maynard Keynes ⇌ Young Jean Maginard de Cayenes®

“[Always beware that under Neoliberalism, we] are all Prostitutes [to the Social-Democrats] in a certain sense or another, ethically, if not sexually.”  

-Gore Vidal, From “Best of Enemies Official Trailer,” ca. 2015

“The question: “What is Conservative?” leads on to another: “When will Conservatism become possible again?’ The confusion of Conservatism with Reaction arose when our political life lost its Conservative basis and was invaded by Reactionary phrase-mongering on the one side, and on the other by Revolutionary ideology, the latter ultimately gaining the upper hand. The confusion will end only when Conservatism itself has once more become Conservative. [True] Conservatism seeks to preserve a nation’s values, both by conserving traditional values, as far as these still possess the power of growth, and by assimilating all new values which increase a nation’s vitality. A Nation is a community of values; and Nationalism is a consciousness of values. [W]e must make our starting-point a new Conservatism, that aims at conserving, not for the sake of the State but for the sake of the [Totality]. We must make good what our Patriotism lacked; [the Nationalists] must formulate and demonstrate what Nationalism means in the present and what it means for us in our future.”

Arthur Moeller van den Bruck, Das Dritte Reich, ca. 1923
Barry Goldwater as a Conservative Socialist in Uniform at his Desk
The [Liberal Capitalist], however, had become active not only within individuals, but also in entire races. The descendants of the Romans in particular, the Italians, were among its leading representatives. They took 66-125% interest for larger sums, and up to 270% for smaller ones; they were thus the true cut-throats. Various monetary terms, such as ‘Lombard’, 29 ‘discount’, and the like, are of Italian origin. All of the Catholic Church’s prohibitions on interest were fruitless; an easy profit was far too appealing. The daring merchant of yore was increasingly displaced by the usurer. One would not be mistaken in linking this phenomenon, which was particularly evident within Italy, with the suppression of the thinly-sown [Blonde Bestie]!”

“We need constant thinking from our youth and not just any thinking but a serious and thorough reworking of the great circumstances in the present World Economy and World Politics [supported by] hard data and historical evidence. We cannot solve [any political questions] if we do not know exactly how it relates immediately to the political combinations in England, Russia, and America, and [elsewhere beyond the] knowledge of practical relations. [Any] advancement [in World Economy and World Politics] depends on our foreign diplomatic methods, as is the case in the fields of [Socialist Financial Technology] and [Economic Socialization].”

-Oswald Spengler, Political Duties to German Youth, ca. 1924
“The future of the world will be decided by the conquering force of a political-economic ideology. Neoliberalism is a wishy-washy term which has found no ear in the Third World]; nobody should be fighting and dying in Russia for Jeffersonianism, Trotskyism and Hitlerism! The post-1945 German-speaking world is still unconsciously dominated by two sovereign ideas: the concept of a Reich and Germany’s mission of leadership in the world. These two ideas have given the German-speaking world the most powerful driving force for the dynamic execution of its world mission. The mystical element and the religious tradition embodied in the concept of the Reich sparks our political mission and is especially attractive within the Catholic world.

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