On Digital Taxation Regimes (Pt. II of II)

Back in Part I, I devoted a detailed discussion about the Internet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA) from the purviews of Production for Profit and Production for Utility. Here, I will be delving into the same legislation in the context of… Read More ›

Update (21 May 2023)

Last week, I learned that the State of Montana decided to ban TikTok. Now, after writing The Digital Realm, I am compelled to comment on the matter. It is obvious that it bears significant implications for the conceptualization of the… Read More ›

Revision (13 May 2023)

ter finishing today’s Blog post, I decided to make sure that I uploaded two new research articles for Digital Library IV. The ones in question are called: The first article happens to be the one where Nietzsche and Spengler’s perspectives… Read More ›