What is Fourth Estate Policy?

“To be able to grasp this, however, one must be capable of a conception of work different from the traditional one [called ‘Arbeit’]. One must know that in an age of the Arbeiter, if he bears his name properly and not in the sense, for instance, in which all parties today designate themselves as workers’ parties, there can be nothing not understood as Arbeit. Arbeit is the rhythm of the fist, of thoughts, of the heart; it is life by day and night, science, love, art, faith, religion, war; Arbeit is the oscillation of the atom and the force that moves stars and solar systems.

Such claims, however, and many others we will speak about, particularly the claim to confer meaning, are the hallmarks of a growing stratum of rulers. The question of yesterday read: ‘How does the Arbeiter share in the economy, in wealth, art, education, the metropolis, or in science?’ Tomorrow, however, it will read: ‘How must all of these things look in the workspace of the Will-to-Power of the Arbeiter, and what meaning will be ascribed to them?’

Every demand for freedom within the work-world is therefore possible only if it appears as a demand for Arbeit.”