“Work-Standard” (1st Edition PDF)

Today, I am proud to report that the First Edition of The Work-Standard has been completed. Everything from the SMP Compendium that I was working on since May of this year is now compiled into a single .PDF file available for download. Allow me to point out that the First Edition of The Work-Standard is a barebones rendition of the document. As anyone can infer from reading anything penned by me, there have been occasions where sentences and paragraphs are either missing words, have unneeded words in the middle of the texts, or be written in such a manner that they are barely readable. A part of this has to do with MS Word’s Auto Spellcheck and providing incoherent grammar and spelling suggestions across three renditions of MS Word: 2010, 2016 and 2021.

Does this mean The Work-Standard is “incomplete?” No, it just means that all opportunities for a later Second Edition should never be ruled out. At some point, I would like to revisit the The Work-Standard, do some proofreading work, and rebuild the .PDF format in a more presentable manner. For now, the First Edition is all there is from me. I cannot state exactly when the Second Edition is going to be finished, seeing how the First Edition clocks in at about 445 pages.

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