Work-Standard Accounting Practices (1st Edition PDF)

This webpage is reserved for downloading the First Edition of Work-Standard Accounting Practices. Work-Standard Accounting Practices was written to discuss about the Work-Standard from the standpoint of Public Finance, what the Treatise refers to as “Political Finance” as an extension of “Political Statecraft” or Political Science. Everything was written to be accessible to a multitude of readers. The reader may have no prior knowledge or familiarity with accounting, or they may be an experienced practitioner of the international “Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)” for Double-Entry Account Bookkeeping (otherwise known as the “Double-Entry Principle”). Some familiarity with The Work-Standard (2nd Ed.) and The Third Place (1st Ed.) may be required prior to reading. Future plans on a Second Edition remain forthcoming, so the First Edition is suitable until then.

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