Compendium: Solidarity as the Work-Standard Alternative to “Liquidity”

The term ‘Liquidity’ in Liberal Capitalism refers to the rate at which anything can be bought or sold at a given frequency without any changes to its Price. It usually applies for most assets and securities and their subsequent conversion… Read More ›

On the Topic of Post-Keynesianism

“Post-Keynesianism” has an intriguing pedigree, even by Keynesian standards. Based on what I had researched about that heterodox economic school of thought, Post-Keynesianism strives to transcend the ideological dogmatism inherent within Liberal Capitalism. It is critical of the mainstream variants… Read More ›

Update (26 July 2021)

Most of the basic fundamentals regarding the specifications of the Work-Standard have already been discussed. There is now enough information regarding how it functions in theory and practice. All that remains at this point is to continue outlining the mathematics… Read More ›

Update (21 July 2021)

Everyday perceptions of Technology tend to describe it as being an “instrument” or a “human activity.” While those are understandable and acceptable definitions of Technology, neither properly addresses the true “essence” of Technology. As mentioned in Part VII of the… Read More ›