Update (26 July 2021)

Most of the basic fundamentals regarding the specifications of the Work-Standard have already been discussed. There is now enough information regarding how it functions in theory and practice. All that remains at this point is to continue outlining the mathematics and formulate the intended equations. It is an area which has not gotten enough attention from serious studies into Socialist economics, particularly those which delve into something as unconventional as the Work-Standard.

Other than that, I am confident in stating that the SMP Compendium is roughly half-finished. The Philosophical and Theoretical Origins section will no doubt be the last one to be finished. Most of the other entries will be delving into legal, political, and diplomatic topics involving the Work-Standard. Those entries, in addition to the mathematics, will need to be done at some point.

For now, I need to figure out which entries should be delved into first. I have decided that one of them will be related to the concept of “Solidarity,” followed by forays into the legal and diplomatic matters. Everything is proceeded as scheduled, it seems.

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