Alternations to National Consciousness (Pt. II of III)

The National Consciousness can enable the Totality to promote political, economic and social changes and reforms through their State. The digital realm is capable of providing the necessary vehicle in which such changes and reforms could be achieved within an… Read More ›

Update (14 March 2023)

Yesterday, I began a discussion that continued a long-running question which I have been pondering over throughout the previous three Treatises. In short, is there a way to integrate the State of Total Mobilization into the Noösphere vis-a-vis the digital… Read More ›

Update (1 March 2023)

I did some more research into “MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) Virtual Economies” yesterday, hoping to begin sharing my findings later today. As I had suspected the other day, one of the most fundamental problems of running a “Virtual Economy” with… Read More ›