Update (14 March 2023)

Yesterday, I began a discussion that continued a long-running question which I have been pondering over throughout the previous three Treatises. In short, is there a way to integrate the State of Total Mobilization into the Noösphere vis-a-vis the digital realm? Since the Noösphere is a worldwide phenomenon related to Human Consciousness, the proposal I posited was to begin with a given nation’s National Intranet before branching out to the International Internet. In the National Intranet, because the vast majority of people online are going to be the Self, Totality and State of a particular nation, the transmission and reception of information and data across the National Intranet is going to be applicable to that country before other countries. Everyone in the SSE and the VCS Economy will be able to organize actions or responses more effectively and coherently within the parameters of a functioning Council Democracy.

While this may seem mundane to some people, it is a huge deal when it comes to ascertaining how a nation under the Work-Standard intends to conduct itself in the digital realm. In a National Intranet governed by Social Forums connected to the Councils, the general apathy and complacency associated with the World Wide Web (WWW) will cease to exist because any “Political Organization Problems” experienced in the Real World can be brought to the digital realm and back within a specific national context. Given enough proper constitutional and legal frameworks, the Social Forums can serve as the digital extension of the Councils, allowing such “Political Organization Problems” to be brought to the attention of the Totality and the Council State, which will address them accordingly in the Real World.

The great question, continuing the discussion from yesterday’s post, is describing how the digital steps into the actual. While the digital infrastructure of the National Intranet is owned and operated by the Council State, the same cannot be said about purchasable computer hardware, websites, servers, systems and networks. The same argument has yet to be ascertained regarding computer software like the OS (Operating System) and the applications for accessing National Intranet or contributing Digital Arbeit and Digital Geld on the National Intranet using Blockcycle Technology.

Under the Work-Standard, are computer software and applications a “product” that one pays and installs on their PC or a “service” that they must continuously pay for in order to access them? Or would the Work-Standard abandon these notions from the Manufacturing and Services Sectors in favor of “Freeware” and “Open-Source Software” guaranteed by the Council State? And who or what should ultimately control their source codes, assuming they are to be considered as “Intellectual Property-as-Power?” I personally feel that the best way to approach this topic is to do so from the standpoint of the Video Game Industry, whose activities are built upon Computer Hardware and Software Industries.

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