Compendium: Arbeit and Geld

The SMP Compendium generally envisages a practical application of the Work-Standard as the conversion of Arbeit into Geld and Geld into Arbeit. The terms ‘Arbeit’ and ‘Geld’ are derived from the German words for “Work” and “Money” respectively. The usage… Read More ›

Compendium: Schuld

In the SMP Compendium, Schuld is a German word that has two etymological meanings, a legal one and a financial one. The financial meaning is commonly used to refer to “Debt,” which is the amount that an indebted borrower owes… Read More ›

Compendium: Financial Regime

The term ‘Financial Regime’ is used throughout the SMP Compendium to refer to the political forces in command of a nation-state’s monetary policies. A lot of confusion about how monetary policies are conducted and realized within conventional economics can be… Read More ›