Reflections on Russia’s ‘Gold Standard’

The Liberal Capitalists still find themselves in the midst of their financial predicament begun by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Trillions of US Dollars in Kapital was rapidly created over the last two years, resulting in worldwide spikes in Inflation. The effects… Read More ›

Update (8 July 2022)

Earlier this morning, just as I was beginning to work on the next half of “Post-Cold War Legal Ambiguities,” the mainstream news has reported that former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated. Of all the places in the world… Read More ›

Update (7 July 2022)

Yesterday had left me so preoccupied that I was never able to commit anything to the Blog like another post or two. There are not that many personal articles penned by Julius Krein which warranted enough attention to be commented… Read More ›