Update (8 July 2022)

Earlier this morning, just as I was beginning to work on the next half of “Post-Cold War Legal Ambiguities,” the mainstream news has reported that former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated. Of all the places in the world where assassinations would take place, I did not expect post-1945 Japan in 2022 to be one of them. This sort of activity in a country like Japan would have been more mundane in the 1960s and 1970s, when politically-motivated terrorism occurred during the Cold War, or in the 1930s, when Japanese politics seemed like it was going to give way to a military dictatorship. Anyway, reports are still coming in about what happened and who was the assassin, and I have yet to learn the motive. It is known that Abe had died after giving a political campaign speech in Nara and various world leaders gave their condolences, one of whom included Vladimir Putin, who was on very good terms with Abe (which was a subject of suspicion in Japanese politics due to the conflict in Ukraine).

I wanted to mention this recent news because my upcoming Blog post in question happens to be about post-1945 Japan and the similar set of circumstances that it shares with Germany and Russia. Just as I had mentioned yesterday, there is far more at stake concerning the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, and it is tenable to argue that it has much to do with the legacy of the Second World War. I will discuss more in that upcoming post.

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