On The Work-Standard’s “Modes of Production”

To begin, I am sharing two relevant posts that I had made last year. The posts in question are the “Six Alls of Total Mobilization of Production for Profit” and “Quality of Arbeit vs. Quantity of Kapital.” Some of my… Read More ›

Update (14 December 2021)

One of the proposed additions to the Second Edition of The Work-Standard pertains to the inclusion of special Charts that demonstrate the Work-Standard’s Pricing Model. The Intent is to provide conceptual tools to the would-be economic planner concerning the relationship… Read More ›

Update (5 October 2021)

The SMP Compendium entry “World State Organization” is one-third complete. Yesterday, I submitted the historical background behind Globalization as everyday people have understood it since the 1970s. It is appropriate for me to begin the Compendium entry with Richard Nixon… Read More ›