Conservative Socialism: Searching for Like-Minded Communities

“Democracy never turns bedfellows into complete strangers.”

Outside of The Fourth Estate, I must admit that while my own politics can be very complex and nuanced, it will always be summarized as Conservative Socialism. To build the Socialist future and preserve the Conservative past are one and the same. That enables me to get along with a vast variety of people from different ideological persuasions and in various countries, given that everyone is against Neoliberalism and the wickedness and depravity that it has brought on all of humanity. There truly is neither Left, nor Right, nor Center nor even Independent.

The most obvious example of where my ideology finds fertile ground for support is through this Coronavirus Pandemic, even as it becomes normalized as an “Endemic.” Before there was COVID-19, before it became a worldwide phenomenon, “Overtourism” was the biggest phenomenon in 2019. Nobody wants to admit that the Pandemic was made possible by hundreds of nations placing too much emphasis on Tourism to the detriment of the environment and to the alienation of locals when visitors do not behave themselves.

If one cannot break free from the spread of a disease, how does any nation expect to break free from the scourge of Globalization as Cultural Imperialism? How does any nation frees itself from Free Trade? There is no such thing as Free Trade if there is also no such as a Free Lunch under Socialism because “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

We have to remember that our present world is the result of the Second World War, from its legal beginning in 1939 to its legal end in 1990. Remember, we are still living with the consequences of its aftermath. The old ideological clichés of the Old 20th Century, which fostered real division and real injustice among those opposed to Neoliberalism, had played into the Liberal Capitalists’ favor and contributed to the nightmare that we are all living in. Such clichés are insufficient for addressing the everyday challenges of the New 20th Century, the 21st century. As long as the opposition to Neoliberalism are willing to overcome their animosities, cast aside their differences, and work together, I do not mind gaining the trust and working with adherents of different ideologies. Where we must draw the line are International Socialism, Liberal Socialism, Social-Democracy, Marxism-Lutheranism, Hitlerism, Trotskyism, and Jeffersonianism. I have written much about Jeffersonianism, so allow me to refresh everyone’s memory about the other ideologies.

  • International Socialism died in 1945, beginning with the Soviets and Eastern Bloc countries, eventually spreading to America and the Western Bloc countries before becoming obsolete by Neoliberalism in the Death of Bretton Woods.
  • Liberal Socialism is the step-child of Utopian Socialism, its impotence and incompetence defined by the shameless promotion of the Slave Morality of the Bourgeoisie and the unjust condemnation of the Master Morality of the Proletariat.
  • Social-Democracy empowers the reactionary, misogynist and bigoted elements of the Bourgeoisie through “Welfare Capitalism” and “Workfare Socialism” as the two halves of Marxism-Lutheranism, the Religion of Hate that brought untold suffering to countless scores of people throughout the Western world.
  • Marxism-Lutheranism is what gives Hitlerism and Trotskyism their credence in either a utopian Dystopia where the ignorant are encouraged to falsely equivocate Neoliberalism with Jews and Social-Democracy with Fascists or a dystopian Utopia where Race is biological construct in a Economic Darwinist Free Market, a Spontaneous Order of Natural Selection where people have no Souls, only Bodies and Minds.

Conservative Socialism does have its own adherents and I am not the only one. So, I did some searching on social media yesterday, encountering some like-minded people who do align with some, but not all, of own values and worldview as well as those of The Fourth Estate. The real distinctions begin with Cynicism and how others interpret the Unity of Opposites between Conservatism and Socialism. What is considered “Conservative” in one country is not the same in another and vice versa, which can also be extended to what is considered as “Socialist” as well.

The first example is r/ConservativeSocialist/, which strives to be a “Big-Tent Subreddit” for everyone from Traditionalists to Communists:

“We are conservative socialists. That’s where our similarities end. Some of us are nationalists, while others are communitarians, traditionalists, or even religious. Nonetheless, we all want to protect our homelands, their environments, and the human values that our societies are built on, and we want to fight back against the forces of encroaching commodification and capitalist exploitation that threaten them, and to replace it with a socialist system that protects these values.

We aspire to be a “big tent” subreddit that welcomes a diverse range of perspectives, not all of which will agree. We believe you will be a good fit here if you are concerned about the following:

1. Freedom—not liberal freedom. True freedom is the power to make moral choices. This requires an awareness of the social repercussions of our activities; capitalism precludes us from holding private interests accountable to the public interest.

2. Family—people in need might find refuge in the caring and self-sacrificing bonds found within families. Both socialism and society as a whole are built on the foundation of the family.

3. Solidarity—we will require new and old forms of solidarity in order to avoid social disintegration in the face of rapid change and mounting crises.

4. Work—gives us a sense of self-worth and the opportunity to contribute to society. We need to increase the influence of organised labour and its role in the management of society.

Another area of interest are the Scientific Socialists on r/ShowInfrared. I actually enjoy the work done by Haz, even though it can be a little direct and confrontational at times. This is the Reddit subreddit for those interested in discussing about his own work from a “Marxist-Leninist” (Read: Nietzschean-Leninist). I say Nietzschean-Leninist because the redditors and Infrared are specifically against the Marxism-Lutheranism, the Religion of Hate manifesting as the infantile Childishness of the so-called “Right” and so-called “Left.”

As much as I would like to spend more time interacting with the people on the subreddits, which was what I did yesterday, I am to be leaving them alone for now. Expect another Blog post from me later today. Some important economic and financial events have happened regarding Cryptocurrencies and the remaining Socialist countries.

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