Conservative Socialism: Primer on National Essence

Conservative Socialism is an ideology whose time has yet to begin in the New 20th Century that is the 21st century. As I had stated before on multiple occasions, building the Socialist Future and preserving the Conservative Past are one and the same. Both Past and Future will always converge on the Present, providing us with a general idea of where we have been and where we are heading from this moment onward. In Conservative Socialism, what truly distinguishes the Socialism of one Nation from the Socialism of another is their National Essence. What distinguishes the National Essence of every Nation are specific characteristics such as a shared language and history, culture and tradition, social customs and norms, heritage and ancestral legacy. These are the values which define Conservative Socialism as its own conception of Socialism, what the Council State must preserve and promote, cherished by future generations, and being attacked by the Cultural Imperialism of Neoliberalism vis-à-vis Economic Foreignization.

Not everything from the Past is compatible with the Future, let alone deserving of any serious effort worthy of preservation for future generations. Certain ideas, concepts, philosophies and values tend to be more palatable to the Liberal Capitalists. Similarly, not everything from the Future is going to be perfect, and there will be potential compatibility issues along the way. The challenge is not whether these compatibility issues exist or do not exist insofar as it is a matter of whether we are actually going to overcome them. Neither the problems of the past nor the problems of the future can be written off as purely economic and financial difficulties if they stem from the political and social realities of the Nation. And even though the Work-Standard is capable of doing many great things, everything still depends on our own efforts overall.

So long as the National Essence is allowed to define everyday life under Socialism, Life will continue. There are certain things in Life that are meant to last an eternity. What Conservative Socialism deems as eternal is anything which resonates with the Past and the Future in the Present. Anything resonating with the National Essence will adhere to a conception of time following a spiral or cyclical model. Certain things, ideas, concepts and values will be revisited, some given new forms and modes of being, and others revolutionizing what was done before. Anything that adheres to a linear, progressive model is a byproduct of Neoliberalism because it is meant to be introduced and then later thrown out for the sake of Kapital and Schuld.  

These distinctions are important because we live in a world where it is almost next to impossible to live beyond the immediate Present in a sort of Planned Obsolescence. Such sentiments manifest themselves as the “nostalgia for the past,” the “fear of the future,” the “anxiety,” “unfamiliarity,” and “uncertainty” expressed by those experiencing moments of rapid, widespread change in a very short timeframe.  

While some have chosen to engage in exercises in escapism–a retreat from Reality through the embracing of a Past which never existed, others lack directions on how to properly change the Present in order to alter the direction of the Future. They represent segments of a Totality trapped in a Present devoid of any meaningful context. It is a Present with neither a Past to look back to nor a Future to look forward to. These people do in fact exist and they tend to be framed as being with the so-called “Political Right” and “Political Left” respectively. Whether they consider themselves as “Left” or “Right” does not concern me anymore. Both are still trying to ‘predict’ the Future, to figure out what is going to happen next, or else are ‘revising’ the Past. The most recent example of this phenomenon involves them desperately searching for an end to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

This Coronavirus Pandemic will eventually end. If it does not end before 2023, it will before the end of the 2020s. The 2020s, not to mention the entire New 20th Century, cannot be defined solely by COVID-19. Similar arguments should also be made regarding the 2010s and the 2000s. In the 2000s, there was 9/11; in the 2010s, there was the Great Recession. It is true that we are still living with the negative ramifications of both 9/11 and the Great Recession, but these two events need to be understood in relation to the Coronavirus Pandemic and especially what came before all three from a much broader perspective. Those three events deserve to be considered as the most significant in this New 20th Century because of their worldwide impact and how nobody understood their historical significance would later become afterword. I have yet to find somebody presenting a detailed summarization of this New 20th Century with the Old 20th Century in mind.

Incorporating both Past and Future into any discussion of the Present is decisive. Conservative Socialism stresses the need for the creation a timeless, unchangeable analysis that can always be reapplied under the right set of circumstances. It has to be able to go beyond the Present and into the mist-shrouded fog of the Future with the Past as the guide. With the philosophical and theoretical origins of the Work-Standard being the most obvious example of this phenomenon, I am convinced that this particular methodology can be reapplied in the realm of political analysis. The National Essence is the key.

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