Economic Calculation Problem

Conservative Socialism: On Julius Krein (Pt. II of II)

In another American Conservative publication, American Compass, Julius devoted an article to the question of economic planning within Hamiltonianism. He maintained throughout “Planning for When the Market Cannot” that there will always be a necessity for economic planning in any… Read More ›

Third Place Insignia

For this Post, I will be presenting the Third Place Insignia and provide further elaboration on it. The Third Place Insignia is a Coat of Arms featuring as four symbols: The hand gesture is called the “Schwurhand” from the German-speaking… Read More ›

Update (27 October 2021)

The Korean Mousetrap is, in a roundabout way, a cleverly-built metaphysical minefield deterring anyone from actually rationalizing and reuniting the two Koreas. The Mind-Body Problem of Rene Descartes is at play on both sides of the 38th Parallel. Donald Trump… Read More ›