Update (17 April 2023)

Not sure if there are any Readers of The Fourth Estate disillusioned by Job Posting Websites and ATS software programs as this Author. Even by Liberal Capitalist standards, the same ones which also criticized the Planned/Command Economy, the processes by which Employers choose potential Employees has become inefficient and ineffective thanks to the World Wide Web (WWW). The HR concept should have been abandoned along with the rest of Fordism-Taylorism in the Death of Bretton Woods. My conclusions from yesterday’s “Arbeit begetting Arbeit (Pt. I of II),” which delved into these topics, remain valid and have been since the 1990s.

The attainment of Meaningful Work concurs with the search for one’s Vocation, regardless of what that Profession might be. It is less about whom the Self has known or what the Self already known. It should be more about what the Self intends to do with their Vocation at any given Profession for this or that Enterprise and Industry. What applies in the VCS Economy’s Tournament also applies to the Council State. Some diagrams, Pt. II of the aforementioned Entry, and at least two or three more Entries of Scenario 1999 will be the plan for this week. By the time May rolls along, I should already be several Entries into Section Three, the final Section of what is rapidly becoming a new Treatise.

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