Socialism and the Right-to-Market

Alexander Hamilton’s American Countryball (Marker)
Thomas Jefferson’s American Countryball (Screen)

Wintermärkte: “Actions Speak Louder Than Words!”

Today is 26 December 2021, yesterday was Christmas, before and that Christmas Eve. That means the Real Housewives were able to manufacture some more Household Appliances for the whole family. While most Household Appliances are suitable for Young Adults (between 14 and 34), the best ones should be more than capable of going past the Generational Term Limit of any Socialist Student Economy and including Old Adults. The most perfect example is of course the MAFV (Miniaturized Armored Fighting Vehicle), developed in the German Reich, Soviet Union, and East Germany throughout the 20th Old Century as the Kinderpanzer (Miniaturized Panzer) and has yet to be fully realized in the New 20th Century as “Kinderpanzerkampfwagen” (Miniaturized Armored Fighting Vehicle).

“Actions speak louder than words. In the days to come the Goddess of Victory will bestow her laurels only on those who prepared to act with daring.”

-Heinz Guderian, Achtung-Panzer!: The Development of Armored Forces, Their Tactics and Operational Potential, ca. 1937   
Heinz Guderian

With The Work-Standard and The Third Place already completed, the next logical step in the political-economic history of The Fourth Estate is at hand.

Wintermärkte: “How Many Markets Are There in Existence?”

Everyone has been to the Märkte (Markets) at least one point in their lives without consciously realizing that not all Markets are equal; some are more compatible to the advancement of Socialism than others. Enter the Inequality of the Socialisms.

Inequality of the Socialisms: “The ‘Scientific Socialism/Artistic Socialism Distinction’ functions as something akin to a Miniaturized Armored Fighting Vehicle’s IFF (Identification, Friend or Foe) System or Legal Duties and Legal Rights. My skeleton key to unlocking the Inequality of the Socialisms is to determine the targeted Socialism’s attributes by discerning whether it is a Scientific Socialism or an Artistic Socialism. If I know which is which, I can then engage in Political-Economic Crossdressing and transmit information with the Dead-Hand Feedback Loop whilst being incognito.

  • Any Artistic Socialism is consistently affixed to “Work-Standard” and “Production for Dasein.” Successful applications should yield “Marx is Dead.”  
  • Any Scientific Socialism is consistently affixed to “Debt-Standard” and “Production for Profit/Utility.” Successful applications should yield “Marx is Alive.” 

I can now begin to engage in applications of Political-Economic Crossdressing. Swap the Essences of Scientific Socialism for the Essences of Artistic Socialism, then replace the Labels of Artistic Socialism with the Labels of Scientific Socialism. In Hegelian Dialectics, one half must take precedence over the other and vice versa. “Marxism-Leninism” and “Nietzscheanism-Leninism” are a great example of this; as long as “Leninism” takes greater precedence over Marxism or Nietzscheanism, most people will not know the difference unless they know exactly where to look.

An obvious application of this form of Political-Economic Crossdressing is the “Class Struggle.”

  1. Marxism-Leninism defines the Class Struggle as “Proletariat” and “Bourgeoisie.”
  2. Nietzscheanism-Lutheranism defines the Class Struggle as “Master Morality” and “Slave Morality,” Catholics and Protestants.
  3. Marxism-Lutheranism defines the Class Struggle as “Proletarian Catholic” and “Bourgeois Protestant” or “Proletarian Protestant” and “Bourgeois Catholic.”
  4. Nietzschean-Leninism defines the Class Struggle as “Master Morality of the Proletariat” and “Slave Morality of the Bourgeoisie.”

Below is a table of the known Markets in existence that have been identified as part of The Work-Standard and The Third Place:

Wintermärkte: “How Much Gold is There in Existence?”

“[Tragedy of the Capitalisms refers to] ‘an economics problem in which every individual has an Incentive to consume a resource, but at the expense of every other individual – with no way to exclude anyone from consuming. Initially it was formulated by asking what would happen if every shepherd, acting in their own self-interest, allowed their flock to graze on the common field. If everybody does act in their apparent own best interest, it results in harmful overconsumption (all the grass is eaten, to the detriment of everyone). The problem can also result in under investment (since who is going to pay to plant new seed?), and ultimately total depletion of the resource. As the demand for the resource overwhelms the supply, every individual who consumes an additional unit directly harms others – and themselves too – who can no longer enjoy the benefits. Generally, the resource of interest is easily available to all individuals without barriers.”

The Inequality of the Socialisms concept is not just designed for distinguishing the multiplicity of Socialisms around the world. Given the right Equipmentalities, Education, Expertise, and Experience, it does not take very long before somebody decides to repurpose the Work-Standard as a Financial Warfare-capable weapon. Let’s begin with the basics, Perverse Incentives, Tragedy of the Capitalisms, and Moral Hazards.

Perverse Incentives: Under the Intents of Command and Obedience, the “Incentives of Supply and Demand” itself can be repurposed into a Financial Warfare-capable weapon for Anti-Capitalist duties. Unlike most Incentives, Perverse Incentives are designed to create Unintended Consequences and Moral Hazards by promoting certain behaviors which are contrary to what was “incentivized” by Liberal Capitalists. This is to be expected because Liberal Capitalists are unable to distinguish between “What is an Explicit Intent?” and “What is an Implicit Intent?”.
Moral Hazard: It is always a given under Liberal Capitalism – Neoliberalism – that everyone is expected to follow their own Self-Interests. Unlike our Work-Standard, their “Debt-Standard” is unable to distinguish between Self-Interest and Self-Perseverance. The Inflation/Deflation Rate does not account for the well-being and overall performance of the Arbeiter based on Quality of Arbeit, focusing instead on the Quantity of Kapital in existence.
Known Examples of Moral Hazards. The fourth example, “Employees and Employers,” is related to Labor Unions engaging in Labor Strikes and their Employers engaging in their Lockouts, which Oswald Spengler perfectly illustrated in Prussianism and Socialism.
Unintended Consequence: In Jungian Psychology, Synchronicity is capable of distinguishing between Meaningful Coincidences and Meaningless Coincidences, Meaningful Work and Meaningless Work. The Synchronicity concept of the Work-Standard can be repurposed to create a Financial Warfare-capable equivalent of the “Unintended Consequence” known as the Well-Intended Consequence.  

Tragedy of the Capitalisms: Unintended Consequences and Moral Hazards are both two well-known examples of Perverse Incentives. The same can also be said about the Tragedy of the Capitalisms (aka “Tragedy of the Commons”). Unlike the concept it is originally based on, the Tragedy of the Capitalisms repurposes the Inequality of the Socialisms and the Mode of Production, two concepts discussed in The Work-Standard and The Third Place, exploiting the Economic Calculation Problem and the Commodity against the Market/Mixed Economy itself. Its effectiveness was discernible in the economic histories of South Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, otherwise known as the “Four Asian Tigers.” For the sake of clarity, I will be referring to the “Four Tigers” as the Four Jagdtiger.
Four Tigers
Four Jagdtiger
All this and more will be covered in greater detail in the next follow up to The Work-Standard, the “Financial Warfare.”

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