Three New Diagrams

I took some time yesterday to work on three diagrams that I intend to be using for The Digital Realm (1st Ed.). The following images are based on topics and concepts covered in Section Two, all of which are related to the Treatise’s Scenario 1999.

The first diagram is a substantial expansion of diagrams depicting the Work-World and its Domains at the macroeconomic level. Also shown are how Arbeit and Geld is created as part of the LER and LERE Processes. The Red, Green, Yellow and Blue Arrows all correspond to the creations of Arbeit and Geld from production processes, transactional sales, and NSFIs. Blockcycle Technology enables the Digital Tournament to become an important Hub for the State, Totality and Self on the National Intranet.
When entering the VCS Economy upon graduation from the secondary or tertiary educational level, a Student may either have an Intent to join a specific Enterprise in mind or they are not yet ready to make a decision. The Third Place (1st Ed.) has already outlined some NSFIs which may be purchased from the Kontore. The Kontore will secure a guaranteed position in an Enterprise for the Student.

The authority and power to grant a Student’s rite of passage to the Vocational Civil Service belongs to the Administrator, the owner of the Enterprise in question. There will be elaborate ceremonies to welcome dozens or hundreds of new Students into the VCS, just as how they will also be similar ones where dozens or hundreds of Civil Servants retire from the VCS as new Dependents of their Family Household.
Neither the Kontore will be able to issue those special NSFIs to Students nor will the Administrator be able to welcome Students into the VCS if Human Resources, Applicant Tracking Systems, and Job Posting Websites stand in the middle. It is significant that their presence in the middle, if one were to think critically and creatively about how this diagram bears an uncanny resemblance to the next one.
This is a diagram of an artificial neutral network intended for the development of Artificial Intelligence through Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Inputs are sent to an AI in order to produce Outputs. Before Outputs can be obtained, those Inputs must pass through a Hidden Layer of Nodes where it is impossible to know how that Input would yield the desired Output. It resembles an uncanny digitalization of Natural Selection, if not outright Social Darwinism. What does “Networking” mean on a Job Posting Website, if not increasing the number of Inputs to expect a smaller number of Outputs?

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