Update (18 May 2021)

Judging from the positive reception on my blog since the past three weeks, it appears that there is an audience interested in the Work-Standard. The interest is focused more so on the economic and financial characteristics associated with the Work-Standard rather than its more theoretical and philosophical details. That being said, I have yet to discern whether there will be a positive reception from the mathematical entries devoted to the Work-Standard.

The Work-Standard is far more than just a series of interconnected entries on a relatively obscure blog. It also has a mathematical basis by which it draws its own conclusions independent of those found under Liberal Capitalism. Whether the math alone gives the Work-Standard any legitimate credence in the eyes of economists and financial advisors interested in Socialistic topics is beyond me. What can be ascertained is that the Work-Standard cannot rely on the usual methods employed in conventional economic and financial discourse. That includes, but never limited to, the basics such as the GDP Rate and the equation for everyday accounting.

Granted, there will still be discussions on the philosophical and theoretical origins and applications of the Work-Standard.

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