On the Future of the Website

While work on the Compendium is still ongoing, I have been planning ahead on what the future of the website will be. If there is something I should point out, it is the fact that the Compendium as of late is growing as new entries continue to be added. There will come a time where I will need to reorganize and better categorize the entries within the Table of Contents of the SMP Compendium.

One possible avenue I could see the website going is for it to become a website devoted to social commentary on the economics and finance with the Work-Standard in mind. Everything that can be seen as related to the specifications of the Work-Standard is posed and discussed here. They would not be given their own entries in the Compendium, appearing instead as actual blog posts. It may seem like the obvious choice, but I can envisage the site going in other directions once the Compendium has been completed.  

Another possibility is for the website to be the host of a published copy of the Compendium, where it will be self-published and copies can be purchased here. There is also potential to delve into other topics related to the Work-Standard like its technological, military-industrial and geopolitical aspects.

Overall, what matters is that the original theme of The Fourth Estate to continue being itself. Much has been accomplished and it remains to be seen whether I will complete the Compendium by the end of the year. If I do finish the Compendium, I might be able to reevaluate my options with the benefit of hindsight.   

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