Compendium: Work-Standard Formula for Quality of Arbeit

Arbeit is discernible from the outputs of economic and financial activities through the actual production of goods and services. The Value is affected by the balance of Work-Productivity (WP) and Work-Intensity (WI) for 1 Vocation and listed in the national currency. A Force Multiplier (FM) can potentially tip the balance in favor of either WP or WI.

The equation for finding the Arbeit of a single Vocation is as follows:

WP (FM) – WI = Arbeit of one Vocation

Recall that the Quality of Arbeit represents the sum total of the various Values of Arbeit under the VCS Economy model. Not every Vocation will have the same numerical value. Some Vocations yield larger contributions of Arbeit than others. If the Value of Arbeit for 1 Vocation is known, the next logical step is finding the Quality of Arbeit for its associated profession.

That equation will read:

[WP (FM) – WI] * Number of all Vocations = Arbeit of an entire profession

With the Arbeit of a whole profession known, multiply it by the Mechanization Rate.

Arbeit of a profession * Mechanization Rate = Quality of Arbeit

The Mechanization Rate is controlled by the Central Bank and is subject to changes. They will be requested by the Central Bank for the approval of the State Council and authorization of the Head of State. The Head of State will publicly announce the change in Mechanization Rate on all available means of mass communications (television, radio, website, newspaper, text messages, email notifications, and etcetera).

Imagine for a moment that on a single work-week as a given Zeit, 1 Vocation has a WP of 730 GDM, a WI of 206 GDM, and 2 Force Multipliers. This Vocation is part of a profession employing 2,600 Vocations. The Mechanization Rate has been set to 2% by the Central Bank, which will limit how many Vocations within the national economy can be taken over by automation technologies. In order to find the Quality of Arbeit, the equations are written as such:

730.00 (2) – 206.00 = 1,254.00 GDM

1,254.00 * 2,600 = 3,260,400.00 GDM  

3,260,400.00 GDM * 2% = 6,520,800.00 GDM

A profession of 2,600 Vocations was contributing 6,520,800.00 GDM worth of Arbeit to the Life-Energy Reserve. This means that on a single work-week, each Vocation contributed a total of 1,254.00 GDM. While it may seem like a lot of Geld for Arbeit from 1 Vocation, having the Central Bank set the Mechanization Rate at 2% will double the amount for each Vocation.

If we know the Value for the outputs of the rest of the national economy, we can use the Mechanization Rate to find the Total Economic Potential (TEP). If we also know the Attrition/Inaction Rate, we can also find the Real Total Economic Potential (RTEP). But for now, we will only be finding the Quality of Arbeit for a particular profession employing 2,600 Vocations. Here, we are aware of the fact that the State pays the 2,600 Vocations about 2,000 GDM each week as their Paygrade and none of the persons involved had any dependents like children, elderly parents, or siblings and relatives with any known disabilities. Calculating the above information will reveal the final sum of Geld left for the State as the “State Revenue.”

(Quality of Arbeit / Vocations) – Paygrades – Dependent Payments = State Revenue

(6,520,800.00 GDM /2600) – 2,000.00 – 0.00 = 508 GDM  

In retrospect, a profession employing 2,600 Vocations had spent the work-week contributing 6,520,800.00 GDMs worth of Arbeit to the Life-Energy Reserve at a Mechanization Rate of 2%. The Quality of Arbeit per 1 Vocation on this week is 2,508 GDM. 2,600 people were paid 2,000 GDM each week by the State. The State budget was left with a State Revenue of 508 GDM from each Vocation, their combined total being 1,320,800.00 GDM.

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