Regarding the SMP Compendium

I recently mapped out as much of the SMP Compendium as I could. Enough information has been provided across the past few weeks of entries that I am now able to include more planned entries and provide additional philosophical and theoretical sources.

Of course, there are only three sections that I have yet to list all of its relevant entries. Those are “Philosophical and Theoretical Origins,” “International Trading Policies,” and “Work-Standard Applications of Technology.” The first section is definitely going to be the longest portion of the SMP Compendium since the Work-Standard was conceptualized from a very broad list of people whose worldviews and ideals may not necessarily be similar to those upheld by others. There truly is no “Right-Wing” and “Left-Wing” (or a “Left-Right Political Spectrum” for that matter) whenever I am discussing about the Work-Standard.

Eventually, there will come a moment in the future where I will be revising the SMP Compendium where each section has its own webpage with their relevant entries listed there. As I continue to outline and describe the details and specifications of the Work-Standard, that day draws nearer. I can expect to have that major revision be done sometime before the end of the year.

Before that could happen, I am convinced that a new webpage devoted to being an introduction to the Work-Standard is in order. My plan is to have that completed before the end of this week.

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