The Fourth Estate on the Wayback Machine and Work-Standard Webpage Update

Anyone concerned about links to various webpages or posts on The Fourth Estate will rest assured that I have taken the initiative of having everything here on the Wayback machine. Everything prior to this post has been stored for posterity. The link to the timestamp is here. I checked the links on the timestamp for the SMP Compendium. Everything appears to work as intended.

On a side note, allow me to address the status of the upcoming webpage. Now that enough of the SMP Compendium has been mapped out, it is now necessary for me to create an entire webpage devoted to being an introduction to the Work-Standard. Anybody interested in learning the basics behind the Work-Standard and looking to spread awareness of the Work-Standard should use this webpage. Those who wish to learn more will consult the SMP Compendium.

As of late, that webpage has yet to be created. I will write a follow up to this post as an update.

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