Back from Hiatus

I am writing this post to let my followers and others reading The Fourth Estate that I have returned from my hiatus. For those who are unaware, I took a break from posting anything on the Blog last Tuesday, which was 6 July. Over the past five days, I had not posted anything nor did I have any time to work on any new posts or even new entries for the SMP Compendium.

Given the rate at which I am adding new posts and SMP Compendium entries here, I am convinced that I should commit toward posting at least five times per week. My intended schedule will be to avoid posting on Fridays and Sundays. That should ensure that I will have some spare time to plan ahead for next week, including figuring out how I intend to organize the SMP Compendium.

My plan as of today will be to finish a new entry in the SMP Compendium. The entry in question pertains to the Vocational Civil Service (VCS) Economy model employed by the Work-Standard. I should be able to have that Compendium entry available on the Blog sometime before the end of today.

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