Update (14 July 2021)

Work on the upcoming SMP Compendium entries for this week are coming along as planned. I have decided that at least two Compendium entries related to the VCS Economy model is enough to suffice. The topics in question pertain to the concepts of “Vocations” and “Meaningful Work,” two terms that appears frequently across various entries in the Compendium. Their significance deserves to be addressed from contexts related to technology and ontology, which also tie in the Compendium’s readings of Der Arbeiter and Prussianism and Socialism. After two entries have been completed this week, I will consider the section regarding the “Economic Model of the Work-Standard” to be completed. I had intended that section to be a basic introduction to the type of national economy that the Work-Standard requires in a practical application. Expect a revision of the SMP Compendium Table of Contents to reflect the Intent of this new post.

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