Update (20 July 2021)

A new post, building on top of my forays into Heideggerian philosophy, is underway. I have yet to determine whether it should be considered part of the SMP Compendium or as a Blog post. The topic in question pertains to my forays into Heideggerian philosophy on the topic of Technology. The conclusions that Heidegger postulated in The Question Concerning Technology, which reflects his own readings of Der Arbeiter. Since I have yet to finish the sixth part of Der Arbeiter for the SMP Compendium, I may decide to include it in the final part of that particular entry.

Meanwhile, I have a few appointments scheduled offline which demand my attention. It will prevent me from posting as frequently as I had done in the past two months. I hate to bring yet another inconvenience to people reading this Blog, but I really have no other choice regarding those appointments.    

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