Update (8 August 2021)

I updated the SMP Compendium with two new entries under “Political Governance of the Work-Standard” and removed two sections, “Philosophical and Theoretical Origins” and “Economic Metrics of Liberal Capitalism and Socialism.” Those two new entries are relevant insofar as they pertain to the integration of economic life with political life and social life. Meanwhile, the two sections have been removed from the SMP Compendium webpage, but they are still available for anyone who is interested in reading them.

My Intent behind this decision is related to the fact that some of the existing economic metrics are impractical and actually detract me from coming up with viable alternatives. At the same time, not everyone is going to know where I got the inspiration behind the Work-Standard, including how the sources are able to mesh together since the sources are so broad that one cannot help but question if there are any inherent contradictions. That too will detract me from continuing to outline the specifications of the Work-Standard.

I will not be posting any new SMP Compendium entries or additional Blog posts today as part of my original plans to preserve least one or two days a week for other matters outside of this Blog. The next SMP Compendium entry will be arriving tomorrow, 9 August.

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