On Work-Standard Symbol, TPP and American Conservatism

Two important breakthroughs have been made over the past few days. I created an image that is strongly symbolic of what the Work-Standard is, in addition to finally revealing the Total Productivity Potential (TPP) metric and the variables its equation will need. Everything about the Work-Standard and how it interacts with the affairs of an entire nation-state has been building toward TPP as pivotal to the realization of a Debt-free Currency. It has gotten to the point where a proper and fitting symbol is needed to be made to signify this.

What I am presenting here is a copy of the Work-Standard Symbol, featuring calligraphic text to designate what it is supposed to represent. The circle is meant to signify completeness, reflecting the constant cycle of Arbeit into Geld, Geld into Arbeit. The arrow represents the State, Totality and Self, projecting their shared past onto their future as both past and future converge on the present moment. Past Arbeit into future Geld and past Geld into future Arbeit, the State, Totality and Self remain true to themselves and uphold their inward senses of authenticity. Everyone is directly involved, in full control and self-aware of the everyday affairs of political, economic and social life of the Socialist nation as citizens, as Beings-in-the-World by Being-with-their-Vocations. This is evident in the direction of where the arrow began as a primordial point of origin and when it points inward into the center of the circle.  

The Symbol in question is my representation of Martin Heidegger’s illustration of Dasein which he had given as part of a seminar at the University of Zürich in Switzerland on 9 September 1959. Note that Heidegger drew five arrows, each one with their own arc.

Although it was not a precise facsimile, I remain convinced that the general point which Heidegger wanted to make was preserved in the Work-Standard Symbol. The specific manner in which Heidegger drew his representation of Dasein was deliberately intended to be open enough to allow for other possibilities, other modes of being, other ways of engaging with the world:

This drawing should only illustrate that human existing in its essential ground is never just an object which is present-at-hand; it is certainly not a self-contained object.  Instead, this way of existing consists of “pure,” invisible, intangible capacities for receiving-perceiving [Vernehmen] what it encounters and what addresses it. In the perspective of the Analytic of Da-sein, all conventional, objectifying representations of a capsule-like psyche, person, ego, or consciousness in psychology or psychopathology must be abandoned in favor of an entirely different understanding. [Zollikon Seminars, 3-4]

This brings me to the implications of the revealing of Total Productivity Potential as the final metric to be employed by the Work-Standard. TPP represents the consummation of the VCS Economy and State Commissariats, the State and Reciprocal-Reserve Banking System, NSFIs, Kontore and Real Trade. Everyone and everything interacting with the economic life of the Socialist nation-state is accounted for, the numerical value of TPP denoting how much Geld the Central Bank is permitted to create before Schuld begins accumulating from budgetary deficits.

TPP will be intended to overcome the need for employing “Sectoral Financial Balance” from the Keynesian-Monetarist Synthesis of Liberal Capitalism.

A Sectoral Balance demonstrates the expropriation that goes on under Liberal Capitalism by demonstrating how a government’s budgetary surpluses and deficits are supposed to fuel consumer spending and saving on the one hand and the trade surpluses and deficits on the other. It is used by Liberal Capitalists to determine how much Kapital is contributing to the percentage of annual GDP, particularly on who gains and who loses. With American Conservatism being so serious about “cutting government spending,” it is senseless to not also address the need to “cut consumer spending.” Of course, to “cut consumer spending” under Liberal Capitalism is outrageous to the point of being ridiculous, so obviously it cannot be cut as easily as government spending.       

True Socialism stresses the need for balanced budgets and asserting fiscal restraint and discipline, ensuring that there will be enough Arbeit and Geld for when it really matters. Liberal Capitalism cannot achieve this due to the presences of Profit Motive and Marginal Utility. That is why a different way of economic life is important as an overriding theme of the SMP Compendium.

Finally, on a sidenote of relevance to Hamiltonian Federal Socialism, I still find it bizarre that there are so-called “American conservatives” (Read: Classical Liberals) who claim to represent the American Way of Life and yet idolize the British ways of living. America declared its independence from the British Empire not because they wanted to get rich and serve the interests of Kapital and anonymous powers who wield it, but because the American people wanted to rule themselves as a Union. This sort of behavior earlier this year in March, about how these ‘conservatives’ sided with the English House of Windsor over the purity of noble blood. Americans are not supposed to be determining anyone’s social status based on their blood (be it nobility or race) or by how much Kapital they own, but by their achievement and rank.      

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