Update (16 August 2021)

Today, I am proud to report that I had mapped out the equations of the Work-Standard. The equations are expanded and now includes most of the variables and factors discussed across dozens of non-math SMP Compendium entries. At some point, they will be included in their relevant Compendium entries over the course of the next month. For now, I would like to complete the rest of the non-math entries and deal with the math-related ones last. That will give me additional time to make sure to run calculations based on simulated economic conditions.

At the rate that I am working to complete the SMP Compendium, I can see a slowdown in terms of completing additional Compendium entries over the next two months. Starting next week, I will be working on at least four entries per week. If I can afford to do more than four, an Update post such as this one is to be posted to inform everyone of my latest efforts. Rest assured, the SMP Compendium is still scheduled to be completed before the end of this year.

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