Update (20 August 2021)

I rechecked the number of entries that need to be completed before any further work can be done for the equations and the important terminology sections. Only thirteen more entries in the SMP Compendium need to be completed. Even as my schedule changes in the coming months, my hope is that I will be able to finish the SMP Compendium before the end of this year.

The non-mathematic, non-terminology entries pertain to the role of technology, discussions on the Work-Standard under wartime conditions, and two entries related to international trade. The latter two are in regards to applications of Protectionism and Autarky as well as the movements of Arbeit, Geld and Information insofar as the movements themselves are being facilitated by actual people. That is basically what I have yet to complete for those thirteen Compendium entries.

My plans as of late is to work on the next set of entries to the Compendium for the following week during the weekends. If I do not post anything new either Today, tomorrow or Sunday, it is because I am trying to finish the next set of entries.

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