Update (29 August 2021)

I now have enough information on how the Work-Standard operates in the realm of international trade. What’s more, I also figured out how the Soviet Union during the NEP years and the People’s Republic of China’s market reforms, despite their concessions to Liberal Capitalists, hold the secrets to mastery of the Socialistic “Real Trade Agreement.”

We begin with this realization in the realm of international trade:

“There is no such thing as Free Trade under the Work-Standard because there is no such thing as a Free Lunch under Socialism.”

Everyone has to do their part to contribute Arbeit in order to be given Geld from the State. Within international trade, somebody has the Arbeit and somebody else has the Geld. If we export, we either keep the Arbeit or the Geld, but never both at the same time. If we import, we either keep the Arbeit or the Geld, but never both at the same time.

If the Liberal Capitalists are playing with fire by touting Free Trade, Real Trade reveals the ontological crisis of being for Western Civilization. A Socialist nation-state with its Currency pegged to the Work-Standard will have both their Arbeit and Kapital because the Liberal Capitalist conception of trade is a zero-sum game. Somebody gains everything and somebody else loses everything. Free Trade eventually creates a parasitical relationship where one economy becomes dependent on exports and the other becomes dependent on imports.

What can we say about the Kapital which will be sent to the Socialist nation-state under the Work-Standard? The Kontore shall see to it that the Kapital is purified of its putrid state into Geld within exchange rates.

What convinced me to arrive at these conclusions last week was when I combined the Figure of the Arbeiter from Der Arbeiter with the Figure of the Anarch from Eumeswil. The Arbeiter must be self-aware of what goes around them, just as the Anarch must be able to live under changing economic conditions. Expect Blog posts and new relevant entries to the SMP Compendium over the course of this week.

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