Update (2 September 2021)

With the relevant entries on international trade taken care of, all that remains in the ongoing efforts to complete the SMP Compendium are entries related to the “Important Terminology,” three important ones on how the Work-Standard operates during wartime, various entries related to “Technology under the Work-Standard,” and all of the accounting needed to consolidated everything discussed throughout the Compendium itself.

Also, there are two more additions to “The Commanding Heights of Powerball Gambits” which I have yet to complete. Part IV deals with the State and Part V focuses on International Trade. It can be argued that completing those Blog posts were never possible without finishing the SMP Compendium on the topic of international trade. This is because the State is always the final authority here.

What I would like to do now is take a break for today, figure out which ones I will be working on for this week and then be back with at least a Compendium or a new Blog post. There are certain technologies that I would like to investigate and various trends to consider which I suspect will be affected by any applications of the Work-Standard. One example worthy of mention here is in regards to automobiles, whether the Work-Standard alters existing car cultures in Germany and America, and how the Work-Standard can help nations deal with the onset of urban sprawl.

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