Update (5 September 2021)

At some point, I am going to complete the “Terminology” section of the SMP Compendium. That section basically outlines the details regarding various recurring terms throughout the SMP Compendium. By completing that section, my hope is that whoever reads the Compendium will come away with an understanding on why the Work-Standard was conceptualized and described in the manner that it is.

That section in the Compendium will not be receiving any further expansions. The same can also be said for the rest of the Compendium. I am convinced that the listed entries, both finished and unfinished, provide enough information to describe what the Work-Standard is, how it functions in practice, why it is necessary, and the various historical lessons that went into its development over the past decade of my research.

Does this mean I will no longer continue to post anything on this Blog once the SMP Compendium is complete? On the contrary, there are a number of non-economic and non-finance topics that I would like to eventually discuss on the Blog. I mean, the philosophical and theoretical ideas that went into the Work-Standard have yet to be discussed for the Blog, and there are various technological and political topics whose implications are of immense interest to serious applications of the Work-Standard.

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