Update (16 September 2021)

Up until this point, I have refrained from mentioning which Ministries constitute the Cabinet in the SMP Compendium because it is up to the State to decide which Ministries should be formed, consolidated, or disbanded. Since I am now at the point where the only Compendium entries are related to Technology and engineering, wartime preparations, accounting, and the World State Organization (WSO), I thought I should share the composition of the Cabinet here.

The following is a preview of “Wartime Preparations and the Work-Standard (Pt. I of III)”:

In times of both war and peace, the Socialist nation is governed by a “Council State,” a State with a functioning Council Democracy. The People’s Party controls the Legislative Branch vis-à-vis the State Council and its Electoral College. The Party controls the Judicial Branch by appointing sitting justices to the Honor Court. The Party controls the Executive Branch: a “President” as the Head of State in charge of the Cabinet and its Ministries and a “Chancellor” as the Head of Government in charge of the Legislative Branch. The President of the Socialist nation also serves the Party General Secretary, the Chancellor as the Party Chairman.

It has come to my attention that the ambiguities of the Cabinet need to be addressed here because the final three entries in the Compendium deal with the everyday activities of the Socialist nation over the course of an entire year. I will consolidate all of the information discussed throughout the Compendium in those three entries, putting any seemingly random entries into a coherent picture on behalf of the Political Organization Problem.

The Cabinet in the SMP Compendium, what is officially called the “Council of Ministers,” has sixteen Ministries. I have split the sixteen into four groups:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs conducts diplomacy with foreign nations on behalf of the Socialist nation. They are responsible for the establishment of embassies and consulates, establishing the national Intranet’s connection to the Internet and another Socialist nation’s Intranet, and the economic and financial activities of any Enterprises operating abroad. The Ministries of War, Intelligence, Energy & Armaments Production pertain to the armed forces, intelligence services, spy satellite, superweapons, and the procurement of armaments, ordnance, vehicles, warships, warplanes and so forth. The General Staff leads the Ministry of War and its “Departments” and “Offices” of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Auxiliaries. The fourth Department includes Corps-level Commands for Special Operations, Financial Warfare, Cyberwarfare, Space Warfare, the Party’s paramilitary formations, and student cadets of military academies within the Socialist nation’s SSE. Intelligence and Energy & Armaments Production both act as separate Ministries.   

The Ministries of Economics, Finance, and Transportation all pertain to the everyday affairs of the VCS Economy, the Central Bank in charge of the Life-Energy Reserve and Reciprocal-Reserve Banking System, all State Banks, National-Socialized Banks, State Commissariats and Kontore. All three Ministries have Departments and Central Offices of inspectors, accountants, and economic planners in close communications with each other throughout the Socialist nation and anybody sent aboard on behalf of the Foreign Ministry. And the Transportation Ministry is responsible for the highways, railways, border patrols, seaports and airports, and the movement of Arbeit and Geld across international borders. Most SMP Compendium entries pertained to those three in order to conceptualize and describe the Work-Standard.  

The Ministries of Justice, Interior, and Health pertain to the emergency services. The national police forces, fire departments, and hospitals fall within those three Ministries. The Ministry of Justice is charge of the Socialist nation’s penitentiary system. The Ministry of Interior is also in charge of ecological affairs and landscaping. And the Ministry of Health oversees of the Socialist nation’s production of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

And the Ministries of Education, Science, Religious Affairs, Autonomous Regional Affairs, Culture, and Information pertain to social affairs. The national educational system’s Socialist Student Economy (SSE) and its student government are a part of the everyday activities of the Education Ministry, from nurseries and kindergartens to the most prestigious universities. The Information Sector of the VCS Economy, video gaming Industry, the national Intranet, scientific and engineering organizations, and other Technology-related concerns fall under the Science Ministry. Religious Affairs Ministry is the State’s direct line to the ecclesiastical authorities, the Socialist nation of the SMP Compendium having a sizeable majority of its roughly 100,000,000 citizens as adherents of Roman Catholicism. Similarly, the Socialist nation also has a few special autonomous communities of religious and ethnic minorities in the remote parts of the country, and the State maintains a direct line through the Autonomous Regional Affairs Ministry. The Socialist nation’s print publications, TV, radio, music, traditional festivities, and so forth are all under the auspices of the Culture Ministry. Any censorship done by the Socialist nation for media too obscene, offensive, racist, sexist, sectarian and of questionable veracity will eventually require the delicate, meticulous handiwork of the Information Ministry.   

The post-1945 world has under the shadows of digital technologies and nuclear weapons. We live in a world where the smallest technological mistake can bring about the end of the world, and there have been moments in the Cold War where it could have happened. To prepare for the unthinkable, the possibility of total war, the Council State shall maintain a hidden parallel government of handpicked successors with the Intent of maintaining its Continuity of Government (COG) plan. Anyone with a high enough Rank within the Ministries of the Council State is eligible, which can includes mid-level Party officials and State functionaries from the student government in charge of the Socialist nation’s SSE.

The State’s COG plan goes live once war has been declared. All handpicked successors have direct orders under the Constitution to be whisked away from their government offices in the opening hours and sheltered in undisclosed deep underground command bunkers throughout the Socialist nation. If the whole line of succession is either killed, incapacitated or captured by the enemy, or if their whereabouts cannot be located beyond the mist-shrouded fog of war, they have a Constitutional Obligation to take over the roles of the central government and lead the war effort.

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