Update (19 September 2021)

Alright, I finished six SMP Compendium entries before 20 September. Only sixteen entries have yet to be completed. I am thinking of working on six more for this week, another six next week, and the remaining four for the week afterward. My hope is that the Compendium entries that I need to complete two weeks from now are all three Parts of “Strategic Accounting and Allocation of the State Budget” and the “World State Organization.” Everything else needs to be finished before 3 October.

The development of the TPP equation is going along nicely. I now need to consolidate the information from all Compendium entries related to Technology and how the Work-Standard functions under wartime conditions, introduce the accounting for Office VI (“Priority Requisition”) and for dealing with Liberal Capitalist regimes and Socialist regimes with Currencies not yet pegged to the Work-Standard.

Before that can happen, I need to complete the two entries about how the Work-Standard operates in wartime conditions and three entries about how the Work-Standard interacts with Technology under those same wartime conditions. That makes for five entries. The sixth and final entry for this week needs to be related to the accounting work in the final Section of the Compendium.

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