Update (2 October 2021)

Despite being preoccupied with personal matters yesterday, I still cannot believe that Part II of “Technology and the War Effort” took longer than I anticipated at first. Blog posts such as this one, articulated over the past five months, were quite helpful in trying to organize the SMP Compendium. My goal for today is to make that Part III of “Technology and the War Effort” and another Blog post is completed before the end of today.

Part III provides further information regarding the Art of Socialist Finance and its distinct conception of Fintech, elaborating on the implications of Financial Warfare and Worldview Warfare. It will be revisiting the Compendium Sections “State Fiscal and Monetary Policies” and “International Trading Policies” from a Fintech perspective. What I have in mind pertains to the topics discussed in “The State and the Socialist Concept of Property,” “Role of NSFIs within Work-Standard Economic Planning,” and “Wartime Preparations and the Work-Standard.”

To begin, I have stated in the SMP Compendium that banking under the Work-Standard will be repurposed to facilitate economic planning, maintain all personal accounts for withdrawals and deposits of Geld, and put less emphasis on lending and borrowing under the Reciprocal-Reserve Banking System. I am also interested in whether there are ways for an Enterprise of sufficient size and composition to diversify its production capacities from the confines of its own workspace. Additional ways of distinguishing Planned and Command Economies are also important.

What are these “Tournaments” that I had mentioned in Part II of Technology and the War Effort? Is it a replacement of the “market” or a more Socialistic way of redefining and revolutionizing the very concept? Were the Soviets correct in their assertions that “Market Socialism” is actually an Inauthentic Dasein, thereby casting their own decision-making in 1953, 1956, and 1968 in a very different light?

If electrified by Socialist Fintech, would the Work-Standard be capable of providing a way to rationalize Vladimir Lenin’s “New Economic Policy?” Provide insight into the “Kadarism” of Hungary and the “Titoism” of Yugoslavia? How about Belarus under Alexander Lukashenko?

Should the “Cassandra Coefficient” of Richard Alan Clarke be included in the SMP Compendium? Is the Cassandra Coefficient capable of being repurposed for economic and financial contexts, improving the Work-Standard’s capabilities without altering its true essence?

What are the ways in which the State can facilitate an Enterprise’s “transfer” from one Industry to another on its own volition and without anyone removed from their Vocations? Is this conducive to the Work-Standard’s preferred version of economic planning, “Mission-Type Economic Planning” (MTEP)?

Does “Intellectual Property” fall under Productive Property or Personal Property?

Are everyday people aware of the growing lack of creativity, authenticity, and resourcefulness by the Armaments Industries of the Western world? Is it practical for any nation to be dependent on the armaments produced by another? Are there specific technologies that could be revisited?

Why is it so important for every nation to control its Wehrhoheit (Military Sovereignty) from a cultural and traditional standpoint? Can Martin Heidegger’s concept of “Dasein” be applicable to understanding why Inauthentic Dasein has become the norm in today’s militaries after 1945?

Are Americans, especially those critical of the fact that the US armed forces have hundreds of military bases around the world, aware that the US military facilitation is in itself a Financial Warfare-capable weapon with Worldview Warfare applications? Or that the Work-Standard is capable of exposing the presence of this weapon and its ammunition, the US Dollar?

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