Update (16 October 2021)

Okay, I am writing this to let everybody know that I am about a quarter into Part IV of “Strategic Accounting and Allocation of the Federal Budget.” By the time the Blog post goes live, I should be working on the other three portions of Part IV.

In the meantime, I thought I should share a thought that suddenly dawned on me almost immediately upon completing the first quarter of Part IV. What should be the Quality of Arbeit values for Congressional Representatives and Senators, the Speaker of the House, the Vice President, and the President of the United States. It matters greatly if we are talking about Jeffersonian Congress during the Coronavirus Pandemic or the Hamiltonian Congress in the context of the final Compendium entry. Therefore, I am just going to talk about the Jeffersonian Congress during the Coronavirus Pandemic as of late, describing any potential implications for the latter.

Quality of Arbeit in these United States, much like the Quality of Geld, is only counted when somebody is committing their Life-Energy to a Vocation for a Profession considered as an official function of the Federal, State and Municipal governments. This also applies for the Unified SSE, Federalist Command Economy and State Command Economies, Reciprocal-Reserve Banking System, Federalist Intranet, and any Productive Property capable of creating Arbeit and Geld. Any unofficial function, including privatized commercial firms, do not count toward Quality of Arbeit and Quality of Geld under the Work-Standard.

This brings me to the real crux of today’s Blog Update. I am deeply concerned about the issue of Arbeit and Geld being created by political parties and members of Congress under the Work-Standard with the Intent of creating very crude political propaganda. As of late, it is technically permissible under Federal Law for any Speaker of the House, such as this Democratic-Republican, to contribute Arbeit by creating political propaganda (under the guise of a late-night comedy routine on CBS, no less) about why they own a $24,000 refrigerator and why a deliveryman comes to their home just to stock the whole freezer full of $12 half-pints of gourmet ice cream. Or how that same Speaker of the House created propaganda about why they indulge in that particular gourmet ice cream after acquiring a taste for it on Bloomberg TV in 2014. Or how that same Speaker of the House, in another comedy routine in 2015, indulges and gossips over their second favorite gourmet ice cream.

Is it justifiably ethical under the Constitution and Federal Law in our Federalist Command Economy to allow all forms of political propaganda, no matter how some can be crude and malicious, to become valued at the same Quality of Arbeit? Is there a Constitutional basis that allows a Democratic-Republican Speaker of the House to contribute what is clearly low-quality Arbeit at the same rate as high-quality Arbeit created by an actual Federalist Speaker of the House? How about vice versa?

Is this a Price Control that we simply have yet to recognize as such under the Work-Standard? Have we also forgotten that shortages tend to happen more frequently when there are Price Controls, which is basically the legal precedent that I am criticizing here on behalf of the SMP Compendium? Let us not forget about those shortages which have become the new normal in the Coronavirus Pandemic. Contrary to decades of Democratic-Republican Party propaganda, the American people are finally beginning to realize that Market/Mixed Economies are never immune to the same shortages and long lines that can also happen in Planned/Command Economies.

I mean, this is the same Democratic-Republican Speaker of the House who once said this in 2017:

“I have to say, we’re [Liberal] [C]apitalists, that’s just the way [Jeffersonianism] is,” [the Speaker of the House] responded with a chuckle. “However, we do think that [Welfare] Capitalism is not necessarily meeting the needs with the income inequality that we have in our country.”

“We’re a [Liberal] [C]apitalist [regime]. The free market is — is a place that can do good things.”

Ask yourself this question, my fellow Americans: what did that Democratic-Republican Speaker of the House mean by “Income Inequality?” Clearly, her Intent is to justify why the Democratic half of the Democratic-Republican Party advocates for the Welfare Capitalism denounced by the Republican half, which is in favor of the Laissez-Faire Capitalism denounced by the Democratic half. That is precisely what the late Gore Vidal was warning us about:

“[They’re] the party of [Jeffersonianism], the party of [Kapital and Schuld]. It has two [ideological] wings; one is [called ‘Democrat’] and the other is [called ‘Republican’].”

To be fair, it is understandable why every Speaker of the House, Senator and Representative of any party and ideology is forbidden from commanding a Federal-State Commissary to alter their Paygrade under the Amendment XXVII, which reads:

No law varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives shall take effect, until an Election of Representatives shall have intervened.

But what about the Quality of Arbeit and Quality of Geld for members of Congress, Speaker of the House, the Vice President, and President of the United States? Am I correct in my recent arguments within Parts I, II, and III of “Strategic Accounting and Allocation of the Federal Budget” that the Work-Standard is capable of setting a whole new series of constitutional precedents for all 27 Amendments? Why is the Work-Standard still compatible with the Constitution, despite treating the Amendments as though they somehow function as a separate document?

All 27 Amendments need to be addressed by the Greater America Amendment, which is the Amendment that will not only allow the Federal government to peg the US Currency to the Work-Standard, but also address any known constitutional loopholes that the Work-Standard is capable of creating. This is because the Work-Standard itself has been proven to be antithetical to the Freedom-Security Dialectic that defines Liberal Capitalism and Jeffersonianism by extension.

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2 replies

  1. This is something I’m looking forward to.

    The classification used for this ideology, Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism, reveals itself as one reads through the Compendium and through the blog posts.

    I noted in one of your comments yesterday, this is a decade’s dedicated time and effort. And then you plan to put the entire framework into a pdf file.

    This would be an incredibly handsome hardcover book as well, I can picture the books bound in red leather-like material, with black fonts primary, gold foil used as a secondary font.

    Duty • Honor • Order
    The Fourth Estate:
    Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism

    [use of one symbol you would use to encapsulate the energy of the ideological framework]

    The Master Compendium:
    Duty and Honor


  2. Ah, well, of course I had centered the line items used in the hypothetical hardcover book cover, yet the comments entry didn’t apply the spacing.

    A toast to the success of your dissertation!


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