Update (19 October 2021)

The Hamiltonian Saint once said it best on why the “Death of God” was in hindsight the “Death of Marx”: “I will go peaceably and firmly to the Catholic Church: for if Faith is so important to our salvation, I will seek it where true Faith first began, seek it among those who received it from God Himself.

Having been informed of an improvement with the personal matter from 17 October, I am proud to report that I think I now know how to proceed with Part III of “Hamiltonian Federalism and Friedrich Nietzsche” and this other Economic History Case Studies Post: “Financial Combat with George Soros (1990s).”

For the first Blog post: Has anyone realized that young people are what gives the whole world its new-old values? That everything depends on their upbringing and their training as youths? That Wall Street can in fact become the most Socialistic place on Earth, where one can congregate with and encounter all kinds of Socialisms from different countries? That the Reciprocal-Reserve Banking System of the Work-Standard can allow us to redefine the values of banking terminology such as “Collateral,” “Repossession,” “Settlement,” “Adjustable Rate,” “Debt Elimination Scheme,” “Lease,” “Lien” and “Release of Lien,” “Line of Credit,” “Reconciliation,” “Refinancing,” and, of course, “Usury?”

The Federal government, speaking of which, does in fact have a legal definition of Usury regarding the conduct of “Too-Big-to-Fail Banks.” My fellow Americans, have we really been enforcing our Anti-Usury Laws enough as we should?:

Usury: Charging an illegally high interest rate on a loan. See related question about Usury.

Usury Rates: The maximum rate of interest lenders may charge borrowers. The usury rate is generally set by State law. See related question about Usury.

US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, “Glossary of Banking Terms and Phrases”

My only real regret is that Federal Law has yet to overcome the “Interest Rate” in favor of the Work-Standard’s Mechanization Rate. I say this because America’s Anti-Usury Laws only apply to the State government and not the Federal government. It makes more sense for Anti-Usury Laws to be a Federal, not a State, Law that ought to be enforced by the Federal government as opposed to the States. The Federal Reserve is supposed to be the Central Bank of the United States? Or was it, as I had argued in the SMP Compendium, the Federal Life-Energy Reserve of the United States, where Interest-free loans are offered to potential borrowers?:

The bank is charging a higher interest rate than my State allows. Which States’ Usury Laws apply to credit card accounts?

The maximum credit card interest rate that a national bank may charge is generally determined by the law of the state where the national bank has its designated headquarters.

Under certain circumstances, a national bank may charge rates permitted by the law of a state where it has branches, even though its designated headquarters is located in another state. In both situations the rates can be charged no matter where the borrower resides.

You should review your account agreement, which is the contract governing your account, or any subsequent notifications regarding your account. These documents should provide information on which state’s law will apply.

US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, On Usury

Since the Work-Standard has already laid out the details on how the Reciprocal-Reserve Banking System operates, the final Part of “Hamiltonian Federalism and Friedrich Nietzsche” is going to discuss about why and how it is able to abolish Rents, Mortgages, Rent Controls, and Usury. It will also address Corporate America and the wealthy’s problems with Schuld. There is a ProPublica slogan that best describes Jeffersonian Fractional-Reserve Banking, true to Thomas Jefferson’s Schuld, both Personal and Federal, is very tragic.

Today, Fractional-Reserve Banking reads:

Buy. Borrow. Die.

From “The Secret IRS Files: Trove of Never-Before-Seen Records Reveal How the Wealthiest Avoid Income Tax”

Tomorrow, Reciprocal-Reserve Banking will read:

“Faith lifts the soul, Hope supports it, Experience says it must and Love says…let it be!”

-Mother Seton, Three Cardinal Virtues for Transvaluation of All Arbeit

This brings me to the other issue, the issue with George Soros. How did George Soros become wealthy from Financial Warfare? What is his secret martial art of financial combat against the Banks of England in 1992 and Thailand in 1997? What can the Totality of any Socialist nation do to defend their Currency and their Central Bank against Speculative Attacks on grounds of financial self-defense? What can we expect from the central government on this pressing matter of national civil defense?

The Motto of the Soviet Youth Pioneers also deserves to be that proposed “School of Financial Warfare” proposed in the SMP Compendium: “Always Ready!”

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