Third Place: Cold Peace or Hot Peace?

“If we could be friends by just getting to know each other better, then what are our countries really arguing about? Nothing could be more important than not having a war if a war could kill everything.”

-Samantha Reed Smith

“Attitude and intellectual openness are not yet political values, birth certificates are not political identity cards. Existential consciousness is only a pre-political basis, never a political criterion. There are no political duties for the young generation as a whole. (Beyond that, one would have to take into account how much the individual age-groups between 18 and 40 differ today in their basic rhythms.)”

-Karl Otto Paetel
A 1980s Photo of Samantha Smith

The Work-Standard has no conception of “Unintended Consequences” and “Perverse Incentives” in the Liberal Capitalist sense; it instead has Force Multipliers and Implicit Intents. Its implementation on a worldwide scale is going to facilitate a wide range of Socialisms catering to specific interpretations. Artistic Socialisms will coexist with Scientific Socialisms in a hypothetical multipolar world order at the World State Organization (WSO). Below is a non-exhaustive table of Socialisms that the Work-Standard could inadvertently be accommodating through the WSO:

The Work-Standard is capable of accommodating them and any other Socialism on Earth that has no problems adopting the necessary economic, financial, social and political reforms. Any other Socialisms, both Legitimate and Illegitimate, should be accounted for and recorded by historians, economists, and political scientists at the World State Organization. The WSO needs to mitigate the problems of future wars among opposing Socialisms on the world stage. Personally, if I had to choose which ones should be sitting on the Supreme World Council of the WSO, I recommend the American, German, Russian, Chinese and Japanese Socialisms. In what seems like a cross between 1941 and 1991 on the one hand and 2001 and 2021 on the other, would the Work-Standard and the WSO be presiding over a “Cold Peace about to become a Hot Peace” or a “Cold War about to become a Hot War?”  

Never envisage the Socialist world order with rose-tinted glasses. Where the potential for creating Socialism exists on the world stage, there is also the potential to create Anarchism on the world stage. Every “Cold War” is fought with ballots and every “Hot War” is fought with bullets. The body politic and the armed forces are always involved in a Cold War or a Hot War. Inversely, every “Cold Peace” is fought with payments and every “Hot Peace” is fought with protests. The workforces and the student body are always involved in a Cold Peace or a Hot Peace.   

True peace and prosperity are promoted by the Totality in command of their central government; decadence and decline flourish when the Totality is not in command. The United States, German Reich, Soviet Russia, China, and Japan all have their strengths and their weaknesses as different nation-states. Each of them is a suitable member-state for the Supreme World Council at the World State Organization, surrounded by each other and held accountable by the rest of the world.

  1. The People’s Reich of Greater Germany is surrounded by the Russians, the Europeans, and the Americans.
  2. The Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic is surrounded by the Germans and Europeans, the Turkish, Iranians and Pan-Arabists, the Chinese, Japanese and Americans.
  3. The People’s Republic of China is surrounded by the Russians, the Asians, and the Americans.   
  4. The Japanese Shogunate is surrounded by the Russians, the Asians, and the Americans.
  5. The Federalist American Union is surrounded by the Europeans and Germans, the Russians and Latin Americans, the Chinese and Japanese.  

Due to the natural geography of the United States, US Foreign Policy must know when and why before intervening in the Americas and Africa, Europe and Russia, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Middle East and Asia, Arctic and Antarctic. It must be crafted in such a way where it is possible to envisage mutual interests shared between the American people and another Totality. Those Liberal Capitalists from the Democratic-Republican Party–the Jeffersonians and the Madisonian Federalists, have no place anywhere in this Socialist world order. Only then will the US have an infinite number of ways to gain the respect, recognition and trustworthiness of the WSO.

The Federalist Papers penned by John Jay (which are Federalist Papers Nos. 2-5) should be essential reading for all Americans reconfiguring US Foreign Policy in this Socialist world order. The goodness and greatness of America, in all times of peace and war, have all beginnings and endings with the American people in command of their Federal government under a functioning Council Democracy. Jay’s Federalist Papers are more favorable to Hamiltonian Federalism than Madisonian Federalism, providing ample justifications for the Unified Federalist Student Economy (UFSE), Federalist Command Economy, Federalist Reciprocal-Reserve Banking System and a Federalist Intranet vis-à-vis a centralized Federal government. The Intent offered by Jay is that in a Socialist world order, some nations will find it beneficial for Texas and California, Midwestern and Great Lakes States and the East Coast and West Coast States, Northern and Southern States to be backstabbing each other in petty squabbles and factional infighting over Actual Arbeit and Actual Geld. Some demoralize the American people by reminding them of the Spanish-American War, Banana Wars, Vietnam War, Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. Others provoke the American people by reminding them of the USS Maine, Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Tonkin Gulf, Persian Gulf, the 9/11 Attacks, Great Recession and Coronavirus Pandemic.

Meanwhile, Japan, China, Germany, Russia and the other Socialisms at the WSO will compete for American alignments to tip the balance of power in their favor. The right combination of events from the rest of the WSO will render the Federal government incapable of action, preventing the United States from playing a dominant role in world politics. It all depends on whether the Federalist Party and the US are on a Nationalistic or Interventionist posture in US Foreign Policy. The US shall lead the WSO toward reforming international law to combat the proliferation of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) weapons.

Isolationism and Internationalism are Un-American. Historians should remind the American people that the Federalist Party despises Thomas Jefferson and his Empire of Liberty, the Empire of Liberty a continuation of the British Empire. Alexander Hamilton had advocated for trade wars against the British Empire as well as getting the British on a violent collision course with the Spanish Empire in the 1790s. The Intent is simple: the British Empire sought to cripple the US Economy and American Autarky, make the American people addicted to excessive Economic Foreignization, steal Intellectual Property, and send spies and propagandists to help Jeffersonians overthrow the Federal government.

The 20th century never ended in the 21st century: the Empire of Liberty has become the new British Empire, the 2+4 Agreement the new Versailles Treaty, the United Nations the new League of Nations. To enforce the terms of the new Versailles Treaty and new League of Nations, the Democratic-Republican Party propped up the European Union/North Atlantic Treaty Organization (EU/NATO) against Germany, Russia, China, and Japan. Only the Federalist Party is capable of ascertaining and answering these existential questions:

  • Shall South Korea be reunited with North Korea?
  • Shall Taiwan be reunited with China or annexed by Japan again?
  • Shall US troops return to the Philippines and Vietnam on the side of Hanoi?  
  • Shall Japan regain control over the size and composition of its armed forces?   
  • Shall Russia reunite the former Soviet Republics, recreating the Soviet Union?
  • Shall Latin America become US-backed regimes under their interpretations of Socialism or their own sphere of influence?
  • Shall Germany sign a new Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact with Russia, restoring Prussia and recreating German and Russian spheres of influence in Eastern Europe?  
  • Shall Germany reunite the entire German-speaking world again in opposition to the British, French, Belgians, Dutch, Danish, Italians, Austrians, Czechs, and Polish?
  • Shall Hamiltonianism duel Jeffersonianism over the control of Europe, even to the point where US becomes an enemy of the EU/NATO member-states?   
  • Shall America disembowel its “Special Relationship” with England in favor of Prussia?

The more Hamiltonian, the more Prussian, or the more Bolshevist the American Way of Life is capable of comprehending these questions, the better off the American people will be. The Work-Standard is capable of turning any nation into a world power with enough Arbeit and Geld toward the TPP (Total Productive Potential) of their Central Bank’s Life-Energy Reserve.   The Germans, Russians, Chinese and Japanese will wage war someday if the American people do not demonstrate very soon the critical and creative thinking required for WSO membership. Unlike the Jeffersonians, a WSO where the Hamiltonian Federalists play a dominant role means less taxes, less government and military spending, balanced budgets and a balance of trades and payments, fewer US servicemen arriving home in caskets draped with the Old Glory, and the redemption of American prestige under an Ordered Liberty of Duty and Honor. The next Samantha Reed Smith in American history must have her Federalist Quadrille with the next Karl Otto Paetel in German history. It shall be glorious and told to future American schoolchildren in their history textbooks.

The Youth Movement is dead! – Long live politics!”

“‘This is the gateway to tomorrow. The way to it? The way we are!'”

-Karl Otto Paetel

“Well, I just hope we can have peace, and I hope it’ll do some good.”

-Samantha Reed Smith

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3 replies

  1. Hello Sir,

    I have been balancing an unexpected workload that poured into my weekend this weekend (which I had scheduled to have off entirely).

    I am catching up on your posts and comments. I do have work done on a blog post to make a formal presentation to readers of my blog an appropriate encapsulation of Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism.

    When it is complete, I will submit a draft to you before publishing it.

    Keep up the great work!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I understand that you may have other things to do. I also understand your intentions regarding that formal presentation you were planning to work on. Just let me know when it is finished and I will give you my take on the topic because the American people are beginning to become more self-aware of “Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism” in this day and age and we need to realize that there is nothing wrong about pursuing the other American Political Tradition.

      For now, I am going to move on to working on important topics where Hamiltonianism must interact with other Socialisms under the “Third Place Posts.” This new Blog Post, “Cold Peace or Hot Peace,” is essentially a reevaluation of the National Bolshevik Manifesto on the ARPLAN Blog from the standpoint of John Jay’s “Federalist Papers.” I have no doubt in my mind that we are going to encounter a lot more people with personalities comparable to Samantha Reed Smith and Karl Otto Paetel, which can be a good thing in itself if the Federal government knows how to play its cards right in a Socialist world order.


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