“Civilization Calls: Wake Up America!”

1800: American youths when the Jeffersonians overthrew the Federal government.
1920: American youths when World War I ended with the Old Versailles Treaty.
1990: American youths when World War II ended with the New Versailles Treaty.

Workshops and Museums

2014 Map of all 35,000+ Museums in the Lower Forty-Eight.

We live in a world that resembles on the one hand a workshop, and on the other a museum. The difference between the demands these two settings place on us is that while nobody is forced to see in a workshop anything more than a mere workshop, in a museum setting there is an atmosphere of edification taking on grotesque forms. We have arrived at a kind of historical fetishism standing in direct proportion to our lack of productive capacity. And it is a comforting thought that, because of some secret correspondence, the development of more monumental means of destruction keeps up with the accumulation and conservation of so-called cultural goods [on the World Wide Web].

The Gig Economy

The vicarious and derivative proliferation of these goods [on Social Media] – [like] the business of art, culture, and education – has acquired such proportions that we can see the need to lighten our baggage, whose fundamental and comprehensive extent is barely conceivable. The worst is not that a circle of connoisseurs, collectors, snoopers, and curators gathers around every cast-off shell ever borne on the back of a living snail. This has always been the case, albeit to a far more modest extent.”

-Ernst Jünger, Der Arbeiter, ca. 1932

The American Way of Life under Hamiltonianism must prevail against the Democratic-Republican Party’s “Affluent Society,” the Jeffersonian dystopian Utopia bestowing shame and dishonor to the goodness and greatness of Suburbia. The Death of Bretton Woods, together with Neoliberalism, Deindustrialization and Globalization, have subjected four generations of American youths to the “Future Shock” that divorces them from the historical realities of our American Way of Life since the Revolutionary War. The “Baby Boomers,” “Generation X,” “Millennials,” and “Generation Z” are all alienated from each other. As a Conservative, I am deeply ashamed to learn that we have over 35,000 lifeless, boring museums that are all about the American Way of Life itself.

Meanwhile, humanity is behaving more like racist caricatures of the American people thanks to the Jeffersonian Empire of Liberty’s “Cultural Liberalization.” Today, foreigners do not have to emigrate to our Deindustrialized cities of New England, Great Lakes and Midwestern, California or New York City just to know exactly what I am talking about. Thanks to Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Starbucks, Amazon, Uber and Airbnb, they too can embody the racial stereotypes of our so-called “Cultural War” within their own countries. Worse, various countries around the world have even imported the national tragedies of “Suburbia”: Speculation, Usury, Debt-Slavery, Urban Sprawl, Overpopulation, and these absurd Housing Prices, Mortgages and Rents. These are the conditions in which the Subprime Mortgages became justifiable in the 2000s, eventually paving the way for the Great Recession.

The Destiny of every SSE (Socialist Student Economy), not just the American UFSE (Unified Federalist Student Economy), rests on the social interactions between the Menfolk and the Womenfolk. Disorder in the SSE begins with disorder in the classrooms and on campuses. Everyone must learn to trust each other in order to properly address the challenges of overcoming the “Affluent Society” in Suburbia. All forms of Misandry (Hatred of Menfolk) and Misogyny (Hatred of Womenfolk) are to be condemned as the two halves of Misanthropy (Hatred of Humanity). No Fragging: the Class Struggle begins and ends with the SSEs of the world!

Womenfolk under Jeffersonianism: Yesterday’s American Conservatives led the Jeffersonian Cultural World War against the 1960s Counterculture of Henryist Anti-Federalism. They are currently defending the Democratic-Republican Party’s Cultural World Revolution, the “Reagan Revolution.”

Womenfolk under Hamiltonianism: Tomorrow’s American Conservatives are currently leading the Hamiltonian Countercultural World Revolution against the contemporary Culture of Madisonian Federalism. They will someday wage the Countercultural World War to revolutionize every Suburbia on Earth as the Federalist Party.

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  1. Well the main reason why we don’t want the 100 acres and a farm anymore is because its too much maintenance. You would have to be rich and hire workers or have like 20 kids to help out.


    • I know, right? Property Rights are a question of Power. The more Powers vested onto an Individual, be it an American high school student or the President of the United States, the more limits there will be to their Power in some form or another. If it does not take an Act of Congress or an Act of God, then economic reality itself will do it for these United States.


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