Update (22 November 2021)

As stated yesterday. I need to revamp the whole website to include an additional webpage for all Third Place posts. Since I am essentially approaching the completion of Third Place, all that remains are about five or ten Posts involving the SSE and Dark Art of Weltanschauungskrieg. Here are the first half:

  • Due to the roles of Kapital and Schuld under Neoliberalism, the LIEO was always “helping people lift themselves out of Involuntary Poverty and into the Voluntary Wealthy.” Our SIEO will be facing the question of helping people lift themselves out of the Involuntary Wealthy and into Voluntary Poverty.” It can be done on a voluntary basis now with the Work-Standard.
  • What are the ways in which the SSE can help young people serve the Draft? Is it possible for any SSE somewhere in the SIEO to build a “600-Ship Navy?”
  • Renewed importance of “Socialist Patriotism,” “World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY),” and “Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)” at WSO.
  • Investigations into the “Socialization of Young Minds” as a Work-Standard Antidote to the Poisonous “Liberalization of Young Minds.”
  • Investigations on how best to discuss the Work-Standard with others.

Those are the first five proposed Blog Post for Third Post. My plan is to have it completed by the end of this year. From now on, in 2022, I will be scaling back the frequency of my Blog posts to three or four times a week.

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