Preview of “Third Place: America’s 1% versus America’s 1%”

How I am perceiving the American 1%:
A Germanic Kleinstaaterei (Little-Statery)

State of the Union: The American Kleinstaaterei

“[Private] Property, a disguise for [Neoliberalism], is diametrically opposed to the Prussian view. The Prussian [sees Productive] Property not as private booty but as part of the common weal; not as a means or expression of personal power but as goods placed in trust, for the administration of which [they], as a Property Owner, [are] responsible to the State. [They do] not regard national wealth as the sum of Individual [Net Worth]; instead, he considers [Net Worth] as functions of the Total Economic Potential (TEP) of his [nation’s Total Productive Potential (TPP)]. We must repeat again and again the magnificent words of Frederick the Great: ‘I am the First Servant of my State.’ As soon as every Individual makes this attitude his own, Socialism becomes a fact.

The Hohenzollern created the Prussian Civil-Servant Type, the first of its kind in the world. By reason of his inherited Socialistic abilities this Type vouches for the possibility of a new Socialization. For two hundred years he has symbolized in his methods what Socialism symbolizes to us today as a task to be done. If the German worker can give up [Marxism-Lutheranism] and begin to think as a [Nietzschean-Leninist], he will easily become the Prussian type just described. The ‘Nation of the Future’ is the Nation made up of Civil Servants. That is one of the inevitable final conditions toward which [Western] Civilization is steadily moving. Even a billionaire’s socialism could imperceptibly transform a nation into an army of ‘private officials.’ The big trusts have already virtually become private states exercising a protectorate over the official state. Prussian Socialism, however, [relies on Hamiltonian Federalist methods to oversee] the incorporation of these professional-interest ‘states’ into the [Totality at the State itself].

Imagine for a moment that the Socialist nation of the SMP Compendium has a Brigade of 4,000 Selves which the Totality and State both consider as “billionaires” and “millionaires.” This 4,000 is split into four Battalions of 500 each at a combined total of 2,000 Selves. Each Self considered among the first 2,000 has an Account at the State Banks in excess of 1,000,000 GDM (Greater German Marks) or 1,000,000 USN (United States Notes). The other 2,000 has Account in excess of 1,000,000,000 GDM or $1,000,000,000 USN.

Right now, the Totality and the State are both doing very well at the moment with the Work-Standard. Since everyone is doing quite well for themselves, nobody is raising too many eyebrows about the fact that 4,000 Selves have a sizeable portion of Actual Geld. However, the Totality is convinced that these 4,000 Selves should reallocate much of their Actual Geld to the State. What the Totality does not want from the State is a “Redistribution of Wealth” because doing so is tantamount to terrorizing these 4,000 Selves. Remember, the Work-Standard knows no “Income Taxation” insofar as Income Taxation itself is closely related to the “Debt Ceiling.”

How would the People’s Party deal with these 4,000 Selves and avoid setting off the Freedom-Security Dialectic and Mind-Body Problem? How should the Socialization of Young Minds convince the 4,000 Selves to perceive Life itself in a Hamiltonian Federalist, Prussian, or Bolshevist way? What can we possibly learn from America’s 1% and the factional power struggles now emerging from within America’s 1% itself? Why should the American people care and why is it necessary for the Democratic-Republican Party to prevent the American people from knowing? How would the Federalist Party deal with the “Kleinstaaterei of America’s 1%?”

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