Update (20 December 2021)

Everything is still according to plan at the time of this Blog post. There is only one more Third Place post remaining, which is a summarization of everything discussed throughout The Third Place. As it stands, The Third Place was written with the assumption that whoever read it is already familiar with The Work-Standard. A lot of the topics discussed therein are expansions of topics which could not otherwise be explored in The Work-Standard, necessitating the need to create a follow up series of Blog posts. Since I want the overall thesis behind The Third Place to be coherent and easy to understand for anyone reading it, I had decided to incorporate a “Conclusion Entry” to summarize everything. The lynchpin connecting everything is the SSE (Student Government and Central Government) and its everyday interfacing with the First Place (Family Household and Workshop/Museum) and the Third Place (Shopping Citadel and DUSC). Literally, the Political Organization Problem from The Work-Standard is the key.

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