Thus Spoke Lenin: CONDEMN Left-Wing and Right-Wing Childishness!

A Photo of Lenin’s older sister. She looks cute in this photograph.
I will talk about her later in a follow up to this Post.

“Dear Anyuta, I have received a letter from you and also from Mark, and, lastly, a postcard from Mother. Many, many thanks to everyone! I do not need any Geld at present. My incarceration was a very brief one, only 12 days, and I was soon granted certain privileges, so that the ‘time’ I did was very easy, the conditions and the treatment were good. Now I have had time to look round and settle down here. We are living in two furnished rooms, very good ones, and we eat in a neighboring dining-room. Nadya feels quite well, so does Y.V., although she has aged badly. I have finished my article for the Granat Encyclopedia (about Marx) and am sending it in a few days. I had to abandon part (the bigger part, almost all) of my books in Galicia…. I fear for their safety. It is very sad to watch the growth of Chauvinism in a number of countries and to see such treacherous acts as those of the German (and not only the German) Marxists, or pseudo-Marxists…. It stands to reason that the Liberals are praising Plekhanov again; he has fully deserved that shameful punishment. Answer me as quickly as possible about how matters stand with the journal. Is there any possibility of starting it? If so, when? Does the post office accept responsibility for manuscripts   sent by registered post? I embrace Mother fondly, send her many kisses and hope she keeps well; regards to all from all!

Yours, V. Ulyanov

P.S. I have seen the disgraceful, shameless issue of Sovremenny Mir….Shame! Shame!

-Vladimir Lenin, Letter to His Sister Anna, ca. November 14, 1914
The World Ideologies Diagram has proven to be effective in helping me navigate contemporary politics in the Union and in the Empire of Liberty.
For those who are curious, my Philosophy is Cynicism.
My Ethics and Ethos are very Cynical.

The Democratic-Republican Party relied on ideological dupes like the Hitlerists and the Trotskyists to help turn Thomas Jefferson’s Empire of Liberty into this False Reality that defines our New 20th Century. The Hitlerists were once forewarned by Lenin to be the Last Men forever roaming this Earth to help the Jeffersonians impose the Slave Morality of the Bourgeoisie–Neoliberalism–on all of humanity. And just like “Strasserism” (Read: Distributism), Hitlerism will always be condemned on The Fourth Estate as a universal disgrace to the true National Socialists who had sacrificed everything to save Europe from the “International Socialism” that allowed Adolf Hitler to overthrow the German Reich and impose For-Profit Genocide on the Jews.

Every Pro-Democracy Conservative, Socialist and Conservative Socialist must realize that the Holocaust was a For-Profit Genocide, as opposed to the “Non-Profit Genocide” that has been fueling this Holocaust Denialism. When I say “For-Profit Genocide,” I am arguing that the Holocaust was purely driven by economic and financial motives. There was in fact a Profit Motive like something one would expect from the Free Market itself. The Hitlerists wanted to enrich themselves from the suffering of the Jews and whoever else dared to oppose their plot to impose “International Socialism” on the German Reich. It was always about the greatest Quantity of Kapital first and foremost. The secret to knowing the Holocaust is to know the circle of friends around the Machiavellian Heinrich Himmler.

Remember the Dolchstoßlegende of the Second World War!
Remember the Versailles Treaty of the Second World War!

“If we do not help ourselves, then nobody will help us. That is why we have to be, and want to be, National Socialists [and not International Socialists like Adolf Hitler or Leon Trotsky!] We are fed up with allowing Socialism to be used as a smokescreen for the pursuit of [Jeffersonianism!] We do not wish to allow the working-class to continue to be misused as the covert [Schutzstaffel] of [Kapital] and [Schuld], of [Jeffersonianism] and [Hitlerism]. We want an honest and true Socialism!

What survived the downfall of “International Socialism” is National Socialism, the true ideology of the Soviet Union, the Eastern Bloc countries, Cuba, Yugoslavia, and the People’s Republic of China. National Socialism survived the wanton maelstrom that characterized the Second World War. The years between 1945 and 1990 marked the second half of the Second World War called the “Cold War.” The entire German-speaking world was plunged into an abyss through which the German Reich had never recovered. After the Legal End of World War II on September 1990, the German Reich was split into three–the First World (“West Prussia”), the Second World (“Central Prussia”), and the Third World (“East Prussia”).

Never allow the Democratic-Republican Party to forever deceive humanity into falsely equivocating the Marxist-Lutherans with Nietzscheanism-Leninism. Never allow Neoliberalism to forever deceive humanity into falsely equivocating the Hitlerists with Pan-Germanic Socialism. And never allow Marxism-Lutheranism to forever deceive humanity into falsely equivocating Jeffersonian Liberal Capitalism with Jewish National Socialism.

What I had learned from writing The Third Place is that any transitioning of the Nation away from Neoliberalism requires Nation-Builders (the “Nationalists”) and the State-Builders (the “Socialists”). Build up the Council State, followed by the everyday amenities required for the whole country. Every Socialist Nation, including the Soviet Union itself, will create its own National Socialism before finally realizing National Communism. National Communism cannot be achieved without National Socialism.

“At present, [State Capitalism] prevails in Russia, and it is one and the same road that leads from it to both large-scale [National Socialism] and to [National Communism], through one and the same intermediary station called ‘[the State of Total Mobilization and the Total Educational Effort]’. Those who fail to understand [why National Socialism leads to National Communism] are committing an unpardonable mistake in [Financial Engineering and Technology]. Either they do not know the facts of Life, do not see what actually exists and are unable to look the truth in the face, or they confine themselves to abstractly comparing ‘Capitalism’ with ‘Socialism’ and fail to study the concrete forms and stages of the transition that is taking place in our country.”

-Vladimir Lenin, “Left-Wing” Childishness, ca. April 1918

“A real Socialist would not fail to understand that for the sake of achieving victory over the Bourgeoisie, for the sake of power passing to the [Arbeiter], for the sake of starting the World Proletarian Revolution, we cannot and must not hesitate to make the heaviest sacrifices, including the sacrifice of part of our territory, the sacrifice of heavy defeats at the hands of Imperialism. A real Socialist would have proved by deeds his willingness for ‘his’ country to make the greatest sacrifice to give a real push forward to the cause of the Socialist revolution. [Jeffersonian] Imperialist vultures ‘accuse’ us of concluding an ‘agreement’ with [Pan-Germanic Socialism]. What hypocrites, what scoundrels they are to slander the workers’ government while trembling because of the sympathy displayed towards us by the workers of ‘their own’ countries! But their hypocrisy will be exposed.”

-Vladimir Lenin, “Letter to American Workers,”
ca. August 20, 1918

I advocate with a clear conscience the Eternal Return to the American Essence of what it means for young people, as naturalized citizens born on US soil to US citizens, to become real Americans. To be an American requires more than just identifying oneself with the Birth Certificate and Social Security, Selective Service and IRS Tax Return, Driver’s License and Passport. No, being a real American is defined by how somebody chooses to live their own lives, from the moment they entered high school to the moment they settle down and begin their own families. It is a national disgrace that the vast majority do not know how to live, let alone how to help themselves.

In all the world-weary years that I have been alive wandering this Reality, I instinctively came to realize that there is something far more to our American Way of Life than whatever the Millennials and my own generation, Generation Z, were told by their elders on a need-to-know basis. The vast majority have either skipped school or else slept through the most important class discussions about US History. It is evident based on how the vast majority have learned absolutely nothing from US History, which transcends the latest ideological fashion trends such as “Republican Welfare Capitalism” and “Democratic Workfare Socialism,” “Libertarianism” and “Progressivism.” Most refrained from knowing their own Legal Rights and Legal Duties under the US Constitution, not to mention the Bill of Rights and the Amendments.     

I am a wanderer of political-economic voids, existing nowhere and everywhere on the Left-Right Political Spectrum in this political-economic divide because I was neither Left, nor Right, nor Center, nor even Independent to begin with. US politics is like a one-party state under the Democratic-Republican Party, except its members prefer to present themselves as a two-party state, the “Democratic Party” and the “Republican Party.” What Americans call the “Democrats” are ideological heirs of James Madison (Madisonian Faction), the “Republicans” ideological heirs of James Monroe (Monroean Faction), and “Bipartisans” the ideological heirs of Thomas Jefferson (Jeffersonian Faction). These third parties from US History–“Communist Party,” “Socialist Party,” “Green Party,” “Reform Party,” “Prohibition Party,” “Constitution Party,” “American Solidarity Party,” “Libertarian Party,” those Hitlerists in the “American Nazi Party” and those Trotskyists in “Socialist Workers Party”–are all Jeffersonians who will vote Democrat-Republican if the Democrats and Republicans decide on Bipartisanship by means of demagogic dog whistling.
US History transcends the latest ideological fashion trends. Always remember that the true opposition against the Democratic-Republican Party was and will always continue to be the Federalist Party. Today, I am proud to have found the ideological heirs of Alexander Hamilton (Hamiltonian Federalism) and Patrick Henry (Henryist Anti-Federalism) throughout the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. In fact, of the seventeen US Presidents in the 20th century, only two were Hamiltonians and Henryists. Existing from all walks of life, today’s membership is scattered throughout the entire Left-Right Political Spectrum and are still looking for other Federalists and Anti-Federalists to rebuild the Federalist Party.

It is tragic how everyday Americans who live in Jefferson’s America are constantly demanding “Liberty and Equality” without even realizing that those two Ancient Roman concepts were always paid with the concurring Ancient Roman concepts of “Duty and Honor.” It is evident in the Social-Democratic mentality of the Democratic-Republican Party, governed by Marxist-Lutheran Slave Morality of the Bourgeoisie about how “Capitalist Socialism is Good” and “Socialist Capitalism is Evil.”    

“The nineteenth century was the century of natural science; the twentieth century belongs to psychology. We no longer believe in the power of Reason over life. We feel that life controls Reason. Familiarity with the ways of human beings is more important to us than general and abstract ideals. We have lost our optimism and become skeptics. What concerns us is not what ought to be, but what shall be. Rather than be slaves of ideals, we want to be able to control reality. The logic of natural science, the concatenation of cause and effect, seems to us superficial; the only thing that can testify to the profundity of historical change is the logic of organic existence: Destiny and an Instinct that can be felt and seen as an all-powerful agent in the historical process.

[O]ur task is to give modern man a new perspective that will necessarily produce a new image. Life has no ‘goal.’ Mankind has no ‘goal.’ The existence of this universe, in which we humans play off a tiny episode on our little planet, is much too majestic a thing to be explained by such puny slogans as “happiness for the largest number.” The greatness of the universal drama lies in its aimlessness.

[W]hat we are called upon to do is to render the greatest possible meaning to the life that has been granted us, to the reality that surrounds us and into which Destiny has placed us. We must live in such a way that we can be proud of ourselves. We must act in such a way that some part of us will live on in the process of reality that is heading toward eventual completion. We are not ‘human beings an sich.

[W]e are persons of a particular century, a particular nation, a particular circle, a particular type. These are the necessary conditions under which we can give meaning and depth to existence, by being doers, even if we do with words. The more we fill out the area within these given boundaries, the greater will be our effect. Plato was an Athenian, Caesar a Roman, Goethe a German. That they were so first and foremost is the reason for their universal and timeless importance.”

-Oswald Spengler, Prussianism and Socialism, ca. 1919

Nowhere is outrageous contradiction more apparent than when I figured out that people are so easily Reactionary toward words like “Capitalism” or “Socialism” that these terms have lost their true meanings. With Hamiltonianism (as in Hamiltonian Federalism) or Henryism (as in Henryist Anti-Federalism), however, nobody really reacts so negatively and are willing to learn everything there is to know about the Work-Standard. After all, very few Americans are aware of the “Eternal Divergence” between Madisonian Faction and the Party after the Constitution was ratified. Even fewer realize that Patrick Henry was the primordial point of origin for this “Total Educational Effort” professed by Mary Perkins Ryan.  

Thus, I intend to spend the rest of my life working to serve the Union to the best of my ability and educating my fellow Americans about the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth and hosting them as Judge and Jury of the Federal Court. What I preach is this: “The more Hamiltonian Federalist or the more Henryist Anti-Federalist the American Way of Life can be lived by young people, the better off America will be.” All I ask is for young people to behave themselves without attracting any legal trouble by striving to live in virtue, promote law and order, be a shining role model to all Americans both young and old, and to achieve feats of daring in their State and Federal governments of our Federalist American Union that exists beyond the good and evil of Democratic-Republican Party.

Only in Hamiltonian America will it be possible for us to host the US Economy and entertain the immigrating guests at all times in official Federal-State-Municipal-Student functions. Our Demand for Liberty is the Demand for Work that ennobles all naturalized citizens everywhere, from the Family Household and Workshop/Museum, the Classroom and Workspace, to the Main Streets and Wall Street. This requires a Cynical or Prussian reevaluation of the US Constitution to compel everyday young Americans to enlist in the enriching peacetime experiences of Total Mobilization, which was already a social custom in the US for centuries.

Any youths not discerning their Vocation in a particular Profession will be drafted to serve a “Federal Three-Year Conscription Policy.” In exchange for good behavior and willingness to work with others, drafted youths receive access to basic training, higher education, healthcare and warm meals, room and board, and a Paygrade. This Square Deal is one Reality with two Actualities, each having three Possibilities that involve the civilians, the military, and the foreigners:

  • Work for the Student Government with either (1) the Federal-State Workforces of the Student Economy, (2) Student Cooperatives of the Military-Industrial Complex, or (3) International Student Exchange as part of a Federal Work-Study Plan.
  • Work for the Federal Government with either (1) the Workforces of the National Economy, (2) the Workforces of the US Armed Forces, or (3) Extracurricular Student Activities Programs (ESAPs) at facilities ranging from Main Street’s Shopping Citadels and Homebuilder Commands to Wall Street’s Financial Offices and Federal Post Exchanges as part of a Federal Work-Study Plan.

Any revolutionary or experimental mobilizing of the US Economy is a mundane non-military affair as far as “Vietnam Syndrome” is concerned. It is also a Peacetime affair as mundane as going to school or commuting to work to defend these United States against the invading hordes of cheap consumer goods made with shoddy work in developing countries and the encroaching competition of hostile enterprises on land, at sea, and in the skies. A Political Organization Problem that nobody can truly solve on their own without the American people reconstituting themselves as a Union far greater than the sum of its own constituents in the Municipal, State and Federal Governments.

“[In retrospect, we must always] remember that we write with the benefit and the handicap of hindsight. Hindsight can sometimes see the past clearly-with 20/20 vision. But the path of what happened is so brightly lit that it places everything else more deeply into shadow. Commenting on Pearl Harbor, Roberta Wohlstetter found it ‘much easier after the event to sort the relevant from the irrelevant signals. After the event, of course, a signal is always crystal clear; we can now see what disaster it was signaling since the disaster has occurred. But before the event it is obscure and pregnant with conflicting meanings.’

As time passes, more documents become available, and the bare facts of what happened become still clearer. Yet the picture of how those things happened becomes harder to reimagine, as that past world, with its preoccupations and uncertainty, recedes and the remaining memories of it become colored by what happened and what was written about it later. With that caution in mind, we asked ourselves, before we judged others, whether the insights that seem apparent now would really have been meaningful at the time, given the limits of what people then could reasonably have known or done.”

-The 9/11 Commission Report, q.v. “Foresight–and Hindsight” (Pg. 339), ca. 2002-2004

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