Happy Holy-Days of Obligation (24 December 2021)!

To my readers of The Fourth Estate, I will be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year working on two important Christmas gifts for everyone who has chosen to continue reading. It is true that the readership is very broad in terms of their own political-economic ideologies. Even so, I will never ruin this momentous occasion by engaging in a senseless debate over whether Americans should be greeting “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas.” The truth of the matter is that both are essentially one and the same insofar as Christmas is a Holy-Day of Obligation.

One does not need to be as religious as me, a Roman Catholic, to comprehend the Christmas Spirit. For American Socialists, American Nationalists and everyone else who’s a Unity of Opposites between Nationalism and Socialism, we must always remember why, when, where and how the Jeffersonians ruined Christmas for the German Reich and the Soviet Union in the last century. It all begins and ends with the “Christmas Market” and all the frantic shopping that comes with it. I will explain more in my first Christmas Gift, a new Economic History Case Study.

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