Should Washington DC Become a “City-State?”

The Democratic-Republican Party wants to turn Washington DC into a “City-State.”
I have yet to draw a Countryball for this one to provide my own take on the topic.
The “Old Glory” or the “Star-Spangled Banner” has undergone countless changes over the course of its inception as the Grand Union Flag on December 3, 1775. The “Betsy Ross Flag,” the Revolutionary War-era 13-Star variant, came into being with the passing of the first Flag Acts in June 14, 1777. The most recent 50-star version, what I have been referring to as the Eternal Glory (as in “Production for Eternal Glory” or “Pursuit of Eternal Glory”), was unfurled nearly two centuries later on July 4, 1960. This Flag will be changed again if there is a 51st State.

The current American generations of the 2020s, the last of the “Silent Generation,” the “Baby Boomers,” “Generation X,” the “Millennials,” and “Generation Z,” have all been drilled into believing that below the Federal Government itself are fifty State Governments presiding over thousands of Municipal Governments. This is not an obvious fact because most Americans do not pay attention to these subtle details nor do the vast majority intend to understand why because, from outset, what is the Intent? We see this phenomenon manifest itself whenever in the Parliamentarian process of voting for either the Democratic-Republican Party’s Madisonian Faction (Democrats), its Monroean Faction (Republicans) or its Jeffersonian Faction (Bipartisans); Independents and opposition parties like the Federalist Party need not apply.

Even so, most Americans remain uninformed and unaware about how their respective States and the Federal Government interact with the Federal District of Columbia, all 326 Native American Reservations, all 14 remaining US Territories in the Caribbean and the Pacific, and those 2 Disputed Territories in the Caribbean. Of the 14 US Territories, 9 of them are abandoned, their names only appearing in US History textbooks about World War II like “Midway Island” or “Wake Island”; the 2 Disputed Territories, the Bajo Nuevo Bank and Serranilla Bank, are also uninhabited and their strategic value is as symbolic as East Germany continuing to exist on a small island near Cuba.

The significance of these obscure historical facts is related to a proposal from the Madisonian Faction in 2021 to have the District of Columbia become its own “US State.” In the Democratic-Republican Party’s Congress of Parliaments, this proposal has already passed the House of Representatives in early 2021 and it remains to be seen as to whether the Jeffersonian Faction will be able to convince the Monroean Faction to support it. Depending on which Faction of the Democratic-Republican Party that one consults, one is bound to encounter a flurry of responses and “Incentives” to justify reorganizing Washington DC into its own US State.

“The House of Representatives voted on Thursday to pass a bill to make Washington DC the 51st state. But the legislation will face a huge obstacle in the Senate, where it must overcome a Republican filibuster.

The vote in the House was 216 to 208, split along party lines with Democrats supporting passage. The legislation now faces stiff opposition in the Senate, where Democrats hold 50 seats and Republicans hold 50 seats. Democrats only slightly control the chamber with a tie-breaking vote from Vice President Kamala Harris. The bill would need the votes of every Democrat and at least 10 Republicans to clear the 60-vote threshold to overcome a Republican filibuster.”

Historically, the Home Rule Act of 1973(!) allows Washington DC to operate as its own city, in addition to acting as the US Capital under the US Constitution. So far, the District of Columbia has been able to establish its own City Council, Legal Jurisprudence and Law Enforcement, Judiciary and Attorney General, and maintains a “‘nonvoting delegate’” to the House of Representatives. It also has own OECD-Type Student Economy, the highest Taxation Rates in the entire Union, especially for “Sales Tax” and “Property Tax,” and yet this is also the same city where most of the economic growth since the Great Recession have been occurring.  That is an important historical fact due to the ridiculously massive economic contraction that happened in the early months of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

For those interested, I am sharing an excerpt from The Washingtonian, plus the relevant table created by the George Mason University researchers:

“The report, released Tuesday, also says that the Washington Coincident Index—a composite of several data points GMU’s researchers use to measure the health of the local economy—fell 19 percent in June from a year earlier. That’s a notable improvement from April, when the Coincident Index was down a staggering 34 percent from the prior year. Nevertheless, the local economy remains in terrible shape. “For comparison,” the researchers wrote, “the peak-to-trough decline during the 2008 Recession was 16.2 percent and the current contraction in economic conditions remains larger.”


‘The researchers identified factors that could derail the recovery. For example, according to research conducted in late July, nearly 30 percent of Washington area households expect employment losses to continue. The researchers wrote that the deteriorating economic outlook on the part of consumers is likely related to fears of a potential second wave of coronavirus inflections. These fears, the researchers believe, could serve to undercut the modest economic recovery.

Meanwhile, the restrictions that have been implemented to protect against the spread of Covid continue to be a drag on small businesses: ‘19.6 percent of small businesses in the Washington region reported that physical distancing needs for customers limited their operations in August.’”

A similar report was released earlier this year back in April, around the same timeframe as the proposal that passed the House of Representatives:

“The annual State of Downtown report, published by the DowntownDC Business Improvement District (BID), examines the 138-block swath of the District bordered by Massachusetts Avenue, Constitution Avenue, Lousiana Avenue, and 16th Street, NW.

It finds that economic activity in the area was just 18 percent of pre-pandemic levels as of December 2020, with only 10 percent of office workers in buildings, Metrorail ridership at 8 percent of its 2019 level, restaurant sales down between 60 and 80 percent, and retail vacancy at a record high of nearly 23 percent. The area’s daytime population plummeted from 225,272 people in December 2019, to 57,149 in 2020. Downtown employment fell by more than six percent, or 11,300 jobs.

With rents down 24 percent, anyone apartment hunting could at least expect a relative bargain. However, the report found that condo prices had rebounded by the end of 2020 to their 2016-2018 levels.

Unsurprisingly, with office vacancies already at record highs, the report projects that very few new buildings will break ground in 2021. In fact, the BID actually recommends a pilot incentive program for repurposing office buildings into residences. Among the benefits, per the report, would be adding to DC’s dwindling housing stock, increasing workforce housing, reducing car traffic since turning downtown buildings into apartments would bring more employees closer to their jobs, and adding to the demand for downtown retail.”

This is what Washington DC resembles to me at the moment: a “Freie Reichsstadt” (Free Reich City) like the ones which existed in 1792. Free Reich Cities, like Washington DC, did maintain a certain degree of autonomy from their central government, which was the Reichstag at the time.
If Washington DC becomes a City-State, it will resemble these British Imperial Trading Cities like Gibraltar, Singapore or Hong Kong, except the strategic value is nowhere as significant as Washington DC. At the rate things are going, we minus well lower the Eternal Glory and unfurl the British Union Jack, seeing how the Democratic-Republican Party is dead-set on perpetuating the Empire of Liberty.

Should Washington DC become its own US State? Personally, I have both historical and educational reasons to argue against this very proposal. For the former, why was Washington DC chosen as the “Seat of Government” instead of the original capital, Philadelphia? As for the latter, is there a way for me to demonstrate the implications of the District of Columbia being its own City-State, given the fact that it has its own OECD-Type Student Economy like the fifty US States? I probably demonstrate these implications for the upcoming Treatise, Financial Warfare.

“The Residence Act of July 16, 1790, put the nation’s capital in current-day Washington as part of a plan to appease pro-slavery states who feared a northern capital as being too sympathetic to abolitionists.”

The problems started with some rowdy actions in 1783 by Continental soldiers.  Until then, Philadelphia had been the new nation’s hub. Important decisions were made there, and it was equally accessible from the North and the South.”

“The Continental Congress was meeting in Philadelphia in June 1783 at what we now call Independence Hall, operating under the Articles of Confederation. However, there were problems afoot. The Federal government had issues paying the soldiers who fought in the war against the British for their service.

“The Pennsylvania Mutiny of 1783 was a crisis that forced the Congress to focus on its safety and pitted the Federal government (in its weakened form) against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Unpaid Federal troops from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, marched to Philadelphia to meet with their brothers-in-arms. A group of about 400 soldiers then proceeded to Congress, blocked the doors to the building, and demanded their money. They also controlled some weapons storage areas.

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