Revision (31 December 2021)

I am writing Blog Post on New Year’s Eve to inform my readers about my ongoing efforts to investigate further into the Devaluation/Revaluation Process of the Work-Standard. As I had been thinking to myself since last night, there is no doubt that any attempt to Devalue/Revalue a Currency pegged to the Work-Standard will involve manipulating the Price of Geld through alterations of the Value of Arbeit. That was the conclusion which I had reached while writing the SMP Compendium, what later became The Work-Standard. The question confronting me in the previous entry to the third Treatise pertains to whether any Devaluation/Revaluation will occur between RTEP (Actual Arbeit) and RTFP (Actual Geld) or TPP (Both).

Tonight, I am proud to report that I have correctly concluded that the TPP value is capable of being altered by Currency Devaluation/Revaluation . Suppose for a moment that we have a TPP of “$192.00 USN” and there is $192.00 USN already in circulation at the moment. I will refer to the latter by the designation “Total Productive Requisition” (TPR) from now on because no formal designation was ever provided in The Work-Standard. I knew that the amount of a Currency that can be put into circulation by the Central Bank must be set at par value with the TPP, which is affected by Actual Arbeit and Actual Geld of RTEP and RTFP respectively. Let this “TPR” surpass the TPP value and there is going to be a gradual accumulation of Schuld. If the Financial Regime was to Devalue or Revalue the Currency, the Central Bank will have to alter the TPP value in relation to TPR. Since the Work-Standard operates on Fixed-Exchange Rates, that can be done officially as part of a governmental monetary policy.

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