Revision (12 January 2022)

Okay, I decided that “Cameralism: Precursor to Socialism?” should be a stand-alone Blog post from now on. There is not much else that I could possibly glean from Albion Small’s tome, apart from the fact that much of our conventional methodologies to gauge national economies came from them. The Liberal Capitalists merely inherited their conception of Economics from Mercantilism, developing an ideology-friendly version that rose to prominence in the wake of the Enlightenment. There are other, more important matters which need to be addressed. One of them pertains to the questions posed by the eventual release of Second Edition to The Work-Standard.

My work on the Second Edition has yet to begin. The “Conservative Socialism” Blog Series is essentially me reflecting on my writings from last year. At some point later this week, I am going to have to avoid posting anything on the Blog in order to get started on the Second Edition. There are various typos that need to be corrected and sentences which need to be rewritten for greater ease and clarity. Moreover, I have yet to piece together The Third Place into its own .PDF document.

I will not be posting anything major on Friday and Saturday. What I will be posting instead are “Revision Posts” such as this one to document my efforts on the Second Edition of The Work-Standard. Tomorrow, I will be posting my last major addition to “Conservative Socialism.” My plan right now is to finish another Blog post for tonight.

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