Revision (16 January 2022)

Got some good news to report. While poring through some of the Blog posts that were archived from last year, I found a few SMP Compendium Entries which never went into the First Edition of The Work-Standard. The information pertained to my historical observations and conclusions based on what I had gathered about Pure Socialism in America. Everything was articulated with “Hamiltonian Federalism” in mind, which means all that I am missing some details on “Nietzscheanism-Leninism” and “Henryist Anti-Federalism.” If asked to determine which appeared on The Fourth Estate first, Nietzscheanism-Leninism and Hamiltonian Federalism, I will always insist upon the former coming first before the latter.

What this means is that, if rewritten properly, the unused, unposted information is capable of completing “What is the American Essence?” alongside “At the Gates of Tomorrow’s Yesterday.” Once those two have been dealt with, “By Way of Introduction” is the last new Section that needs to be completed before I can proceed further with revising and proofreading the rest of The Work-Standard.

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